My headcanon is that the cats at Fort Trinity are there for Pact members who’ve been on missions that have gone horribly wrong/are really distressed and overwhelmed by Orr to cuddle with and make things a little less shitty. Idk. Badly drawn comic I am super tired and how do you even draw Trahearne

An ode to EOTM, in the style of Jinglebells.

By [me] imsocaledone​, liqhtbringer​ and zephyr-sanctum​ from PLNT, the Plant appreciation society. 

KoDashing through the snow. Through a one ram opened gate.
Arrow carts above, fill us all with hate!
Bells the bear does ring, making spirits fight
Rightously indignant SHIT. Oh well the zerg did wipe~ HEY.

jingle bells, trahearne smells
mordy go away
Caithe has seckret, Rytlock fell
And logan’s gone away~ HEY.


This all sprung from me idling in The Grove and noticing an abundance of what appeared to be domesticated mosquitoes. I mean, why? Who would do this?

I know that the sylvari and the Pale Tree are supposed to be enigmatic and noble, but in my head, the Pale Tree is just a frustrated single mom with thousands of really stupid children, just doing the best she can.

I wish Trahearne was creepier sighs
Headcanon! The glowing parts on sylvaris on their skin is actually their blood (well, their equivalent to blood); the colour of their glow depends on the pigment in their skin, or something;;
BTW, you know how their skills always start with things like “bleed/poison/weaken yourself to…”? I bet every necromancer has several still visible scars after bleeding themselves