In 1888 actress Ellen Terry performed the role of Lady Macbeth at London’s Lyceum Theatre while wearing an awesome green gown bedecked with the 1,000 sloughed-off wings of the jewel beetle. It quickly became one of the most celebrated costumes of the Victorian era, immortalized in a portrait painted by John Singer Sargent.

126 years is a long time and over the years Dame Terry’s dress experienced all sorts of wear and tear and numerous alterations. But after 1,300 hours of painstaking work over and £50,000 ($81,000) in expenses, this magnificent costume has been restored to its original glory.

Work began on the gown two years ago after a successful fundraising campaign, but restoring the beetle wings wasn’t the most difficult task. “We had collected the beetle wings that had fallen off over the years,” says Paul Meredith, house manager at Smallhythe Place, where the dress now resides, “so that the conservator was able to reattach many of the originals, plus others that had been donated to us—1,000 in total.” The restoration team patched the 100 or so broken wings using small pieces of Japanese tissue and wheat starch paste.

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Photos by Zenzie Tinker

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She’s eating!!! When she saw me her tail started wagging double time! I just sat here and ate lunch with her and while I was eating she decided to sit up and look around! I didn’t get a photo because I was too excited to stop praising her… And then she lost her balance and tipped over but it’s ok because she’s trying!!!

Z had a very scary day, she was attacked by a very large dog and sustained a brain injury. I managed to turn my emotions off and got her to the vet within 10 minutes of being hurts. They took amazing care of her & me.. It looked really bad for a while but she improved over the afternoon so they sent her home for night with her catheter still in, she will go back in the morning for further monitoring & medicine.

She can’t walk or sit up, her head and eyes are shaking but they say she should make a full recovery.

Now I probably will go MIA for the night as the emotions I’ve kept at bay all day are starting to overwhelm me.

Today I applied for the UKE* for trans treatment - UKE is the best addres for this in Germany - So wish me luck, that they accept me. Another good thing that happens today - I got a message from my beloved - 6-words-guy - He didn’t forget me - I hope we will have a bunch of lovely kids - hahahha - Guess who lies behind me at the moment while writing this

* Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf in Hamburg


I have been tagged by the lovely patternofmediocrity, thanks for that ;)

Name: Franziska (Non-Germans: please use Frances) Petermann

Nicknames: vranzy (my url), Franzi, Zenzi, Ciska

Birthday: 22nd of August

Gender: still human

Sexuality: sexual - when I have sex - atm I haven’t

Height: 5ft 10

Time Zone: GMT+1

Average hours of sleep each night: mostly six hours, sometimes less

The last thing I googled: ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’

My most used phrases: “hey girls”

First word that comes to mind: I have to buy cat food.

One place that makes me happy and why: my apartment. Because it’s my home

How many blankets I sleep under: I normally sleep under one actual blanket, but in wintertimes (September to May - hahahaha) when it’s cold, I will have a two blankets or a winter blanket, oops.

Favorite beverages: Coke Zero, Prosecco, white wine

Last movie I watched at the cinema: Dallas Buyers Club

Three things I can’t live without: Family, friends and my lovely cat.

Something I plan on learning: Female voice, my cis voice is so fucking deep - but when I train that - I sound then like a woman with a deep voice (heard some women with deep voice some weeks ago)

Piece of advice: If you want something and if you can do a lot for that - just fucking do that thing

I tag: transascendant emiri-chan-1989 ts-dragon kelbots dannyloveboy juleswoo angellight1978 wishtrogen tegvns kaitlyn-fiona

She looks bug eyed but that’s pretty normal…

Brain injuries suck. Her head is still tilted and she has 0 balance. She has started walking, maybe 25 steps maximum without falling over. She pawed at her favorite toy and will follow it with her head for a few minutes. She’s started to whine when she wants something - like food, to be held or put in her hammock. She climbed up to the lowest shelf on the coffee table- her ore injury favorite spot. She also started to lift her leg when she potties the way she used to.

It’s really hard to see her like this but H and I are taking rehab seriously. She swims in the hot tub with H (fully supported) and I think being able to move her back legs while nearly weightless helps. I feed her in small clumps that she has to walk to, we play with her and try to get her to interact. She’s coming back slowly but I know she’ll come back.


This is pretty much what she does… She did walk a bit more today - maybe 5 steps - and spent some pool time which she really seemed to enjoy - we made her work her legs in the water for about 5 minutes. She is moving her head to look at things now too and I found her favorite toy that sings an obnoxious song- she can’t make the thing sing yet but I squeeze it for her and her tail wags. She’s snuggling with it in the second photo :)