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Joanne entrusted me with a prototype copy of this little book and I’m telling you, it seriously has some healing powers.

It is a project very near and dear to her heart. Joanne Fink began making the illustrated pages while she was grieving the sudden loss of her beloved husband. Each spread is something to cherish as it explores an emotion that everyone who has dealt with loss experiences on some level. I first read the prototype while I was accompanying Joanne at the Atlanta Gift Show. As we made our way around the Mart, she showed it to many trusted people. They would listen to her story and quietly take it aside to read. Every single one, after reading the book came back in tears. Lots of healing tears. I was afraid to read the whole myself in public after seeing this happen each time, but I will never forget the day I did. Joanne tenderly and loving takes you through the emotions you cope with after any kind of loss. Since then, three of my dear family members passed into Glory and her book has been a source of comfort as we adjust to life without them here by our side. I wish more people could experience it.

If you have lost a loved one, even if you think you are finished grieving, this book will remind you of your beautiful memories and remind you of the enduring love you have for that person. Love is eternal.

“When You Lose Someone You Love” Book on Kickstarter

Please look at the Kickstarter video and consider joining me in supporting this project by getting a few copies to share with people you know who are experiencing loss. By helping her reach her goal, you will help her spread this gift of healing and celebrating the lives of loved ones. Every donation above the goal amount will go to add COLOR to the pages at the end where hope is unveiled. If you have seen Joanne’s color work which has gone viral on the Internet, you know that this would add an incredible touch to this already beautiful book!

Also, Joanne is a highly skilled calligrapher and artist who originated the brand Zenspirations. Take a look at some of her gorgeous art and books. Each one comes with a special blessing that is something to treasure. You learn more about Joanne and her creative projects at

“When You Lose Someone You Love” Book on Kickstarter Joanne entrusted me with a prototype copy of this little book and I’m telling you, it seriously has some healing powers.
Zenspirations "Sunrise"



I am a subscriber for Sakura channel on  YouTube® and came across a interesting video by Joanne Fink where she shows her “Zenspirations™” method and techniques.  Instead of giving you a long explanation about this method created by Ms. Fink clink the link for the story behind her art:

What I like about this artist is what a soothing and calming effect she has when speaking and describing the steps to create the art.  It really a matter of using string and small patterns she often refers to as “dangles.”

Is it like Zentangle®? My personal opinion is that philosophy is similar when it comes to using the method to relax and enter a meditate state while creating art.  One of the major differences is that with Zenspirations™ there is more use of color and words that with the Zentangle® method.  I think Zenspirations™ is just an evolution or extension of the Zentangle® method, a artist own personal interpretation and evolution of another artist.

Ms. Fink art reflects a more spiritual foundation but has she has said that she was inspired by the Zentangle® method.

“Zenspirations is the multi-faceted creation of designer/writer/spiritual seeker Joanne Fink. At its simplest level, Zenspirations is a way of enhancing any illustration by adding patterns to the spaces formed when the exterior lines are double stroked.”

“I LOVE the interaction of ink on paper” Joanne says. “The joy I get from drawing and lettering Zenspirations has INSPIREd me to GIVE of myself to help HEAL and TRANSFORM the world. Zenspirations helps me remember to look for God in the face of every person I meet, and to reach out to them in love.”

This is a great new way to develop more techniques for my art and I will continue to explore more and pass it along.  If you are interested in more about this artist and her method this is the video link for the video I watched to create my tile:

Without Color!Have a great day and enjoy your creative journey.!