Ah yes, another day. I really am trying to submit a photo or creative endeavor each day. So I figured what better way to start out my first week of it by posting this photo of my photographer inspiration. Last October my longtime friend and second momma, Janice Nelson (of ZEN Photography) and I went on an amazing trip Up North in search of beautiful colors and scenery. And boy, did we find it. We decided to just drive north with very loose plans to hit Mackinaw Island, The Bridge and beyond. We ended up in the tiny town of Paradise, MI in the UP (near Whitefish Point) for one of the nights, and man that place was like the twilight zone. So strange. 

Anywho! This photo was taken while we were searching for the way to Tahquamenon Falls. We saw this little tree lined two track and decided to drive down and look for something enchanted. It was an absolutely beautiful roadway and we got some amazing pictures. I just wanted to post this photo of my inspiration and photo mentor to pay homage to the woman who sparked my interest in Photography.