anonymous said:

what are some of your favourite blogs? preferably ones like your own... i like this blog btw

i wasn’t expecting this omg, you’re too kind :’). 

to tell you the truth, i love everyone i follow. but if you want specific names of blogs that have made an impact on me, well here’s a few (this is just off the top of my head.. there are so many more)..

eee sorry, i just got back from after school maths revision and i can’t think of any more right now. 

but yea go follow them



zenithofjacobsdream replied to your post: Want to see the most beautiful cat in the world?

Your cat is so lovely! I will have to post mine one of these days!


 teddy-boy replied to your postWant to see the most beautiful cat in the world?

sdfghgf awwww :’)



kraizeekatt replied to your postWant to see the most beautiful cat in the world?

And what is your beautiful cat’s name? I have two of my own, spoiled rotten messes who run things in my home. Not really. Yes they do. LOLZ

Oh sorry I should have mentioned her name =D It’s Nessie I don’t know why it just suited her (she’s my little Loch Ness Monster haha =D) And YES she thinks she runs the house too! She’s always being fussy when it comes to food and she’s always moaning at us to open doors for her :)

Ohh and yes Carol I would love to see your cat! Do post it one day :) Aw thank you all!

brianjonesoftherollingstones said:

What now?! :O I was reading your post about your acquaintance getting a fringe and I tried to click on "notes" but I clicked "block", won't I see your posts any more? Do you know how to help me? hahaha (I just assumed you would because you had relation with the situation, I'm stupid, sorry)

oh my god, haha. i can’t say this has ever happened to me before. i’ve done some research and this is what i found: if you click on this link you’ll see your blocked tumblogs list.. all you have to do is click on the ‘unblock’ button next to my url. it’s that easy! :)