With Minecraft, Microsoft Buys A Doorway To Millions Of Players

Since its release, Minecraft has become that doorway for a great many players of all ages and demographics, especially those that might not label themselves as a “gamer.” Like Farmville or Candy Crush, it is entry-level gaming. Minecraft is casual; there are no explosions no big action scenes or politics or machismo-heavy protagonists. You are in control of its world and it is only as difficult as you want to make it.

What Microsoft has essentially done is buy a very popular doorway. As new players enter the world of video games through Minecraft, either in its current or possible future versions, Microsoft will now be the doorman ushering that player into its game room instead of the competition’s.

This is my quick take on the Microsoft/Minecraft buy and why they might have chosen to spend so much for a game that seems to have already reached its zenith. It is unclear what Microsoft has in store for the future of the game. But Minecraft has a massive and very vocal community, so Microsoft would should definitely tread lightly when it comes to any changes that could disrupt what people have come to know and love.

EDIT: OK, I forgot about the TNT and other explosions in Minecraft. An earlier version of this post mentioned that there were “no explosions,” which was the wrong way to communicate that there isn’t action in Minecraft the way there is in something like Halo or Call of Duty. This has been corrected, but I accept your flogging Internet.

— SM

Tears Of Rage
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"Tears of Rage" opened the album with a slow song, which was just another way of our rebelling against the rebellion.  We were deliberately going against the grain.  Few artists had ever opened an album with a slow song, so we had to.  At the zenith of the psychedelic music era, with its flaming guitars and endless solos and elongated jams, we weren’t about to make that kind of album.  Bob Dylan helped Richard with this number about a parent’s heartbreak, and Richard sang one of the best performances of his life.

- Levon Helm

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