(via Dezign4u: A3 Durable External Battery for Smartphones and Tablets by Zendure)

Design goes beyond mere aesthetics. A well-designed product is durable, reliable and easy to use. That’s why Zendure designed a battery that could survive being run over by a car and loaded it with top-quality components and useful features. For this introductory product run with TouchOfModern, Zendure has boosted the capacity of their batteries by over six percent. With so much power and so many accessories, Zendure is the sleek, durable external battery you can take just about anywhere.

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Product Details

— Capacity: 9,600 mAh / 35.5 Wh
— Dimensions: 3.8” x 2.5” x 1” (96mm x 62mm x 24mm)
— Weight: 7.2 oz / 200 g
— Power: In: 5V 1.5A (Max) / Out: 5V 2.1 A (Max)
— Product Life: Over 500 Full Charge-Discharge Cycles
— Extreme Durability
— Energy Efficiency
— Charge-Through Techonology
— Auto Power-On
— Long-Term Standby
— Dual USB Output  

Colors: Silver
Materials: Plastic, Rubber
Measurements: 3.8”L x 2.4”W x 1”H