#revelation after this mornings #prayer and #meditation time. Before you begin to transform the world around you then you must begin to venture inside the inner space to discover that, which holds you back. Once you realize it then don’t ignore it, but release it so that you don’t fall victim on your journey to your higher understanding which reveals your purpose. #enlightened #igphilosper #zenbuddhamoment #db3life #spiritual

Immersed in the chaos that is my mind and life! If you got a vision you got work through it until comes to past! Sometimes I’m up until morning going through books, esoteric lectures, documentaries on YouTube, sketching out designs, or doing whatever it takes to exorcise this spirit of creativity and innovation which needs to express itself! I’m always preparing for the unseen and unknown mission! These are the lessons learned from the greats and ancient #nikolatesla #hiramabiff #gaileo #laotzu #zenbuddhamoment #db3life #creativeintelligence

“Meditation is nothing but withdrawing all the barriers; thoughts, emotions, sentiments, everything that builds a wall between you and existence. The moment they drop, you suddenly find yourself in tune with the whole; not only in tune, you really find you are the whole.” –Osho
“Remember you don’t meditate to get anything, but to get rid of things. We do it, not with desire, but with letting go. If you want anything, you won’t find it. You won’t be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you.” –Arjahn Chah

This article will teach you how to begin the process, but there is also some YouTube videos that can show you as well! If you are fan of the cartoon the #avatarthelastairbender there is clip of the guru teaching him how to reach his higher self! Powerful stuff!
Read more at http://expandedconsciousness.com/2014/05/14/opening-the-seven-sacred-chakras/#Am2M2esV56Wirc03.99

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As I grow something’s become more important to me than others! If I have gone through the process of dealing with myself internally so I can project that change externally I would expect for you to do the same. I’m interested in building something that can stand not just putting on a show for the world. Been wise I have to ask if the walls of Jericho come crumbling down around us are you going to run or advance with me? This post is just were my mind is! #truth #zenbuddhamoment #db3life #wordsofwisdom

This is has been a really trying birthday and year! I’m thankful for life and being one year away from my Jesus year, but I got really take in some messages I got from folks over the last 72 hours! Sat down to think about my connection to people and looked over this book to find a section about friends! Deep! Thankful God loves me enough to show me what I prayed for. #zenbuddhamoment #db3life #seer

Really got love for this chicks over at #fivesisters they always hooking me up! Ran through this book translated by Alan Jacobs about the #upanishads I read the whole thing in like an hour! It was so deep! Mystical poetry and sacred wisdom! Powerful! #zenbuddhamoment #db3life