White Supremacists Should Read This

Tumblr user moje-zeme-moje-hrdost is a breathing example of how much denial it takes to be a white supremacist. By denial, I don’t just mean the obviously incorrect assertions she makes about the power and influence of white societies. I mean, specifically, how she is perfectly aware that there is knowledge to be gained, yet repeatedly refuses to indulge in it.

For example, moje received this ask:


In the link provided begging anon to educate themselves, moje cites an article from wired.com. This article was cited under the premise that race is NOT a social construct because race is apart of DNA and DNA is natural (making race a natural concept and not an idea formed socially).

However, the article itself was made to disprove that very idea. Excerpts from the article:

The DNA forensic products available at the time could only be used to match DNA specimens in the CODIS, or Combined DNA Index System, database which contains about 5 million DNA profiles. If investigators have a crime scene sample but no suspect, they run it against those in the database to see if it matches a sample already on file.

But while CODIS is good at linking the criminals who are already catalogued from other crimes, the system is useless in identifying physical characteristics. It says nothing about race. It has been specifically set up to reveal no racial information whatsoever, in part so that the test would be consistently accurate irrespective of race.

No one sequence alone can predict ancestral origin. However, by looking collectively at hundreds and analyzing the frequency of the various markers, Frudakis says he could predict genetic ancestry with 99 percent accuracy.

"There is tremendous genetic diversity among other species of animals but not among humans because our common history is so recent," he explains. "We’re 99.9 percent identical at the level of our DNA. It’s the .1 percent that makes us different and about 1 percent of that .1 percent is different as a function of our differing history."

In short, race is not genetic. Bodily features are genetic, and bodily features change depending on our location due to adaptation. That’s why forensics scientists can observe a strain of DNA and determine where ancestors likely came from—because of physical features.

However, this can never be done with 100% accuracy and it has nothing to do with skin color. If it did have anything to do with skin color, then there’d be a genome that forensics scientists could look at and determine race with

And. There. Isn’t.

White supremacists: this is the kind of thinking you must employ in order to believe the circular shit you believe. Here we have a white nationalist who disproved themselves with their own information because they likely went on google, typed in “race genetics,” and pasted the first thing they thought would prove them right.

The question, “Is race a social construct?” is still in debate among our world’s scholars.

moje is not a scholar. moje is a white supremacist with a tumblr page. moje is an ignorant person who has likely never picked up a book about this information in their life and is projecting generations of learned discrimination onto her viewers.

remember that.

If you would like to read a discussion between genetic vs. social construction of race, a brief overview can be read here at the discovery channel.

White supremacists, you need to start educating yourselves. That suggestion might make a lot of people cringe, because the fear of a white supremacist using knowledge as a weapon is a very legitimate one. However, it is my firm belief that if white nationalists actually fucking read scientific things from time to time instead of clicking the first google link or reading that book written by another ignorant (antiquated) white supremacist, they’d be confronted with so much knowledge contrary to their beliefs that they couldn’t help but cut it the fuck out.

moje, this is the second in-depth post I’ve provided to you for why you’re wrong as fuck. I almost hope you come at me with ignorance (you probably won’t, because I’m handing you too much knowledge) so that I can make an example out of you. After all, the more I tell you on tumblr, the more my followers and other white supremacists could learn.

anonymous asked:

hey sorry aber weiss würk ni was mache, mini BF sit 9 jahr sie ish eini vode wichtigste lüt i mim lebe, het mir grad gshribe das sie mit mim CRUSH oder ex crush oder was oh immer zeme ish. wow. i bi unger shock u mir geids extrem sheisse u weiss ni wie reagiere ha grad so eh verdammte hass uf sie omg. has müesse uselah i'm sorry

omg schlah die kahba wenn mini ‘kollegin’ ds würd mache ach die würd nümme lebe


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