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"This isn't going to end well, Tony..."

trovia​ just tagged me :)

1. Why this URL?

It’s the name of the main continent in my fantasy novel (the one I’ve been working on fir 14+ years). about… idk, 6 year or so ago, I changed from fanderpg to this because it felt a) more accurate and b) more personal, and I haven’t moved since.

2. Middle name?

Trovia has non, I have two –Andrée and Yvette, for my grandmothers. My little sis got the grandads.

3. If you had to choose one fictional pet what would it be?

I would love to have a Garurumon. Giant, talking, smart and faithful fire-breathing wolf friend? Hell yes!

4. Favorite color?

I like bright warm colors. Vivid reds and oranges–reds especially.

5. Favorite song?

Well, it varies all the time. I do have a long-time love for Barbara’s Ma plus belle histoire d’amour c’est vous though.

6. Top three fandoms?

Digimon will forever and ever mean something special to me, despite the solitary nature of that experiment. Lord of the Rings, because that’s when I entered the fandom community (and also because that’s what made me want to write my own, 100% not fanfic stories, which makes it directly responsible for the existence of my OCs), and Harry Potter, because that’s where I started writing in English, and never looked back.

7. Why do you like Tumblr?

Because I’ve met a lot of awesome people through it, and it’s helped me figure out other things about myself. And while there are bad apples here, as there are everywhere, I’ve always felt like the community was overall well intentionned, if sometimes misguided :)

8. Tag 8.

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“… You aren’t serious, are you? Oh my god, you’re serious.”

villain!Tony AU ▸ Part II: Loki has absolutely no idea what’s going on in the head of that human but that is sure fun to watch. Well, if you put aside the migraine he’s slowly giving you. Meanwhile, Mark 42 is like 6 time zones away.

Part I
Drabble inspired by previous gifset


Frostiron ● Could You Be Mine ?  by
Zelynxia <3

Tony/Loki feat. Jarvis

Tony to Loki:

There he goes
My baby walks so slow
Sexual tic-tac-toe
Yeah, I know we both know
It isn’t time, no
But could you be m-mine?

We’ll never get too far
Just you, me, and the bar
Silly ménage à trois, sometimes
Would you be m-mine?
Would you be m-mine?
Would you be m-mine?

Oh baby, light’s on
But your mom’s not home (but your brother is)
I’m sick of laying down alone, hey
With this fever, fever, yeah
My one and own
I wanna get you alone
Give you fever, fever, yeah

zelynxia replied to your post “This weekend was awesome and I’m completely wiped but I loved it. Also…”

The Beauce region. Fucking gorgeous. …..Tu me vends du rêve Fanfan, change pas :’) *pars en crabe*

… Donc la c’est le moment ou je maudis mon cerveau fatigué parce que… ahem. J’ai écrit Beauce mais je pensais à la Bourgogne (spécifiquement: Côte d’Or)? *Sourire gêné*

(L’ironie étant que techniquement j’habite dans la Beauce et bon… la ou je suis c’est sympa, mais c’est pas folichon non plus. Damned. Je vais rectifier ce poste de ce pas parce que la, ça fait un peu tarte du coup xD)

(Mais je maintiens mes adjectifs pour la bourgogne quand même xD)

blue-boringers-fallen-angel replied to your post : Also I see your Alec Lightwood edits and I’m sorry…

Hey, in my opinion, he looks way better than KZ. I’m withholding judgement until we get more info on his acting and characterization in the show.

Mmh idk, KZ has the advantage of being my very first image of Alec (before I even read the books) so while I strongly disagree with his acting and headcanin Alec with a very different appearance now, it doesn’t shock me as much, I guess.

Plus, with KZ I didn’t have a smidge of possibilities of him being a man of color. this Alec could have been.



i’m well aware that i can post everything in my blog hehehe i guess it’s just hormon and moods and usual stuff like that that dampens my mood!

and… my natural habit… to whine over little stuff. /hides in bushes/

but yeah i feel less bad bc i always tag my posts, and there is always tumblr savior waiting to be used. but i totally understand the feeling of seeing random posts that you don’t care about on your dash… hm well.

;3; fffuuuuuuh i dont even know in what thing i should obsess now, i just kinda branch my attention to everything! real glad to know that you guys dont have any problem


“Are you sure of that, Nat?”

villain!Tony AU: Tony never joined The Avengers. Fury’s super secret boy band? They can all go fuck themselves. He knows what he’s worth and he is decided to prove it. And because he has such a good timing, he becomes an important threat to SHIELD right when Loki decides to invade Midgard. Stark gets caught not so long after the God of Mischief. Say hi to your new cell-mate, Tony. He might already like you.

zelynxia asked:

Since nobody is gonna ask, The Avengers!

zely you are a gift

1. bake cupcakes for: steve, thor
2. trust with the keys to my car: natasha
3. put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: tony because he’s the only one who would appreciate the joke and not kill me
4. have a crush on: everyone in the avengers is a babe let’s be real here
5. pack up and leave if they moved next door: sorry bruce
6. vote for President: tony
7. pick as my partner in a buddy movie: clint
8. pair up: tony and loki (they’d make a great team if loki wasn’t batshit insane), tony and steve, tony and thor. tony for everyone!
9. vote off the island and into the volcano: loki (sorry bb you are bad for earth and us petty humans)
10. wheedle into fixing my MP3 player: tony

Guess who has just finished her first frostiron video? eheheheh Just need to send it over to the wonderful Zelynxia so she can tell me how shit it is :D but I don’t care; I like it and I fucking did it!! ehhehehe

I want to do cartwheels, but I’d probably break a hip - so instead I’ll settle for a boyband air grab :D feel free to join me darlings!!