Studio Ghibli (Series 1) - Completed June 2013

1. My Neighbor Totoro - Relax, watercolor/graphite/white pen, 6”x6” 

2. Spirited Away - Tea Time, watercolor/graphite/white pen, 6”x6”

3. Ponyo - Walk on Water, watercolor/graphite/white pen, 6”x6”

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service - Soar High, watercolor/graphite/white pen, 6”x6”

5. Howl’s Moving Castle - Straight Ahead, watercolor/graphite/white pen, 6”x6”

Phew! I worked on this series for a while.  It was a wonderful challenge and I still feel so inspired by it.  Maybe I’ll make another Studio Ghibli series in the near future *pobably next month*.  I know I didn’t do all of the Miyazaki movies, but I’ll do my best to include them next time.

What should I make next? :D


"Christmas Cards pt. 1" (a series), watercolor 3x5" (December 2011)

My home-made Christmas cards! I gave them out at my work today and everyone loved it.  I’m glad I got to spread some Christmas cheer to the people around me.  I think I’ll be doing this every year. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


"Dancing in the sea" acrylic 8x10 (December 2011)

My first actual acrylic painting from start to finish.  I never thought I would like painting in acrylic since I’ve had so much trouble working with it in the past.  Right now I feel great about finishing this piece, but I may edit it later. 


"Hairy Mess" (a series) graphite 4x4 (January 2012) 

          This is a tribute to girls with messy hair like me.  Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been battling with my hair daily.  I have never learned to appreciate my hair until recently when I discovered that it could be a good way to convey your thoughts.

*High resolution pictures will be uploaded later