Fun Fact:  When I was 24 and living in NYC I met Joshua or Richie on Match.com and went on a date with him.  Truth be told I did not find him attractive but I still went on the date because I am a bad person and because he was in Teen Witch!

Looking back, probably not my best choice but I can still hear my sister shriek on the phone as I told her who I had just had a date with. In some weird way I am sure I though that I too would be the most popular girl.

But in reality I know that at the time:

So there is a little insight into my life.

this post inspired by Original Settler


Movies for Halloween #11: Anguish (1987)
Directed by Bigas Luna
One of those movies where it’s best not to know anything about it before you watch it. Just trust me. :0)

List of people who share my birthday that I thought was cool.
  • Ian Fleming- an English writer best known for his James Bond novels
  • Carey Mulligan -oh yeah
  • Jake Johnson- Nick from New Girls
  • Zelda Rubenstein- Poltergeist
  • Gladys Knight
  • Kylie Minogue