Heroes through the years


(I know it’s WW Link in Phantom Hourglass, I’m sorry I forgot to add him ;-;

and I only put SSB4 Zelda because she has the exact same design as in Twilight Princess, whereas SSB4 Link is really different from TP Link -in my opinion-)

Legend of Zelda Link Hoodie

Now you can look like your favorite chicken-throwing Hylian 24-7 with this enjoyable piece of Zelda apparel. This full zip hoodie features Link’s belt along with the Hero’s Shield and Hero’s Sword from the Wind Waker sewn on his back.

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The music of the Zelda series is no stranger to covers of all kinds, be they instrumental or acapella, acoustic or hard rock or improvised instruments. One beloved theme is “Dragon Roost Island” from Wind Waker. It’s seen plenty of covers, but probably not one quite like this.

Performed by The Team Players, this rendition of “Dragon Roost Island” for two guitars starts off like you would expect, but quickly takes on a sort of jazz-reggae hybrid feel. There doesn’t seem to be another version of “Dragon Roost Island” like this one, so give it a listen above and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

The Team Players have done a number of video game covers for acoustic guitar, including the “Milk Bar” theme from Majora’s Mask. You can listen to more of their great covers at their YouTube channel by clicking here.

- See more at: http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/jazzy-acoustic-guitar-rendition-of-dragon-roost-island#.VV548k_BzRY