Our people weren’t brought right here to this country. They were first dropped off in the West Indian islands, in the Caribbean. Most of the slaves that were brought from Africa were dropped off first in the Caribbean, West Indian islands. Why? This was the breaking-in grounds. They would break them in down there. When they broke them in, then they would bring the ones whose spirit had been broken on to America. They had all kinds of tactics for breaking them in. They bred fear into them, for one thing. I read in one book how the slave maker used to take a pregnant woman, a black woman, and make her watch as her man would be tortured and put to death. One of those slave makers had trees that he planted in positions where he would bend them and tie them, and then tie the hand of a black man to one, a hand to the other, and his legs to two more, and he’d cut the rope. And when he’d cut the rope, that tree would snap up and pull the arm of the black man right out of his socket, pull him up into four different parts. I’ll show you books where you can read it, they write about it. And they made the pregnant black women stand there and watch as they did it, so that all this grief and fear that they felt would go right into that baby, that black baby that was yet to be born. It would be born afraid, born with fear in it. And you’ve got it in you right now—right now, you’ve still got it. When you get in front of that blue-eyed thing, you start to itching, don’t you? And you don’t know why. It was bred into you. But when you find out how they did it, you can get it out of you and put it right back in them.


Farewell Luther, The Airwaves Will Miss You

Today a legend in the broadcasting community of Chattanooga passed away. Luther Masingill was a radio and television personality for both WDEF TV and Radio for over 70 years. He was on air during the beginning of World War II and during 9/11. He endeared himself to generations of people who call Chattanooga home.

Luther, yes he was an icon who was known by his first name helped announce the news of the community, play the music of a generation and helped reunite pets with their families. We were blessed to have a man of his talent be with us for so long. He was a hall-of-famer being inducted into both national and state halls for his contributions to the industry.


In an era of Sirius-XM, Pandora and the like Luther makes a great case for local radio. Having people from your community keeping you informed, entertained and enlightened. With the transient nature of people in media it is very rare for someone to stick and stay like Luther. He connected a community unlike any other. This man will be missed by our community, there will never be another like him.


Wanna make a canon RWBY RP blog, here’s my options:

  • Fox (Because no one has done him yet)
  • Mercury (For my inner sass master)
  • Ironwood (Dude’s got the same first name)
  • Oobleck (The bae)
  • Adam (Angry character ftw)

//And then there’s my currently restrained OC making machine inside my head that’s about to blow.

See the full footage here: Winston (kitty) takes care of Zeke (puppy)   
"Zeke just got home from the vet — being allergic to certain grasses, he broke out in hives and they gave him steroid and benadryl shots. This is Winston, loving and taking care of him"