This is Andrew. He tells us he’s pogi. To some he really is, to me he’s…. Andu.

My brother. One of the sweetest people I know. It’s in the blood. We all have it.

As a twitter addict, I feel, I see, I hear, I tweet. And if you follow me, you’ll have an idea of how my day had been -excluding all kpop posts, of course.

It was terrible. I was in a horrible mood which may have been caused by lack of sleep? Maybe? Whatever. I just know I wasn’t in the mood. Add to that the fact that something actually made it worse.

BUT. That is not something I’d like to keep a memoir of. So I’ll fast forward to dinner. With my brother.

Andu being Andu was eating a whole lot of food. I didn’t know how much he’s eaten, yet he gave himself away when he eyed me as I helped myself to two Sinigang Fried Chicken Wings.

(Pauline, if you’re reading this, you MUST try it. It’s fried chicken breaded and/or marinaded in sinigang? IDK but it has that rich sinigang flavor in crispy fried chicken IDK HOW THEY DO IT BUT IT’S ONE OF THE BEST FOOD INVENTIONS EVERRRR! HAAHAHA)

"Pag ayaw mo na, akin nalang ah." WTF. He was, supposedly, done eating when I got to the table and yet he asked for my chicken… "Sisimutin ko yung buto kung ayaw mo na." That got me curious.

And after one bite, I knew. It was too salty; he loved it.


In the end we ended up eating together. I finished even earlier than he did, and he ate up ALL THE RICE.

Quality time with my funniest brother is always the best cure for emo-ness. Thanks, bro ♥

Real Cherries.

He didn’t know I liked them. Or maybe he did. He bought it, I ate it. Made me slightly happy.

I wish there were more reasons for me to be happy because of him.

Yes, it is veemo era.

My heart is not into it.

I write and write and write, and nothing good ever comes out.
And once some good come out of writing, all goes bad for everything.
Not exactly a fair trade, if you ask me.
But I guess that’s the challenge.
This is life… or something like it.

Why isn't anyone seeding The Moffatts anymore??

I should’ve kept my CDs so I wouldn’t have to wait for seeders…

I wonder why I’m going back to my boy band phase.

Am I dying?




I hate it. I hate it so much.

When all I have is words.

And I can’t even draw.

I take all I can,

and throw it all out.

Too much.

Is never okay.

When can I run away?

The Prodigal Phone Wants A Hug

She was lost, and she was found. Whoever you are, may God bless you for giving my Lucy back. This drawing is for you.

(She looks like the chocolate mascot I drew for USTET)

I had an extremely weird bad but good day.

It is hell week, indeed.

Out of the many evils, one good found me. Today I realize, I am very lucky.

Lucille, my baby… 미안해~

Today is the anniversary of Lolo's first day with God.

Lolo, say hi to Kookie for me :) Tell her thank you for visiting me last night. I love and miss you both ♥

One fail leads to another.

I ought to remind myself that I should not be stressed. I walked in circles in those commercial halls, panic-stricken, as I realized… I was wallet-less

Worrywarts (?) only worry. Why don’t we think when we worry? It bugs me that I need to consciously stop myself from worrying… Wait, what? I worry that I always worry? Who the fuck worries this much?

Only me, I guess. I think I need serious help. What would it take to calm me down?

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  • Vee

@nyanyanpanda pambawi dun sa huli kong pinarinig.

The reason why I’m not sleeping yet.

Again, I have no editing skills whatsoever.


Why do people leave when you need them most?

I hate how insensitive some people can get. I hate how they only think of themselves. I try to understand when YOU get pissed. I make sure I don’t do stuff that might spark that pissy-ness. I think YOU should do that too. Understand, and make sure you don’t do stuff that might spark MY pissy-ness. I am moodier than you think and know. And I have POWERS. BWAHAHAHA *evil laugh* GAH. I hope I won’t hate you someday. I really hope I wont.