LOVE THIS! Zee Bee Market is committed to doing our part to care for our planet in whatever way we can, through reusing, recycling, composting, bike commuting as much as possible and minimizing our carbon foot print.

Share with us some other ways you are treating our Earth well so our children and our children’s children can live in a healthy environment.

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Isn’t this a sweet, sweet photo? Our children are our future and they deserve a clean, healthy planet. Let’s do our part!

Celebrating Day 13 of Earth Month. Check out more inspiring quotes on our blog 

Fair Trade Supply Chain vs. Conventional Supply Chain

I had the opportunity to work on a paper for an MBA class regarding Supply Chain and since I have always been interested in Fair Trade, my research took me to Green America’s website.

I was shocked to learn the number of “middle men” involved between the producer and the final consumer in the conventional supply chain. The more players, the less income the producers under this model get. Since wealth needs to be “shared” among all participants, the producer typically receives the lowest pay possible to make the math work. In contrast, the Fair Trade supply chain is more transparent, involves less entities and therefore gives the producer a fair wage for their work. Now, I think that’s only fair, don’t you?

"The more direct Fair Trade supply chain allows producers to develop long-term
relationships with their trading partners and earn higher prices for their products.”

Learn more about Fair Trade here  Choose Fair Trade any chance you have and help make the world a better place. Thank you!

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Day 7 celebrating Earth Month. Join the conversation and add your favorite quote on our blog

Why Fair Trade?

We are so blessed in so many ways that we sometimes don’t recognize the fact that millions of people around the world live on less than a $1 a day. Zee Bee Market brings you handcrafted products made -in many cases- by artisans living in extreme poverty. Fair Trade allows them to have the tools they need to gain sustainable employment, give their children an education and provide for their families.

One look at this little Peruvian boy peeking through handwoven textiles warms your heart. We want him to have opportunities that perhaps his parents did not.

So, why wouldn’t we want to choose Fair Trade? Won’t you join us in supporting this great movement?

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This photo/quote concludes our tribute to our planet! Day 30 celebrating Earth Month

What is your resolution to promote an environmentally conscious way of life this year?

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