Be forewarned, heavy speculation ahead. But, scrufflecake and I were trying to piece together this feud, and we’ve come up with a bit of a theory.

So, this starts out with Annas’ tweets from the night of the 5th, shown below. First, we have him complaining about wanting to go to bed, but a client not cooperating. Of course, he’s got tons of clients, but this is likely about Louis because of what he says later.

Then, he seems frustrated because a client is either unwilling to do something or isn’t responding or something. But, something was not going as planned.

So, something was going. It might not have been related to Louis. But, it could have been, given that these were back-to-back. Then, a couple hours later, you’ve got the club announcement.

Right after that tweet - which we know is about Louis - he tweets this.

It seems like Louis is this client that was giving him trouble, and then finally went though with at least some variation of the plan that Annas had in mind. Either way, I think Louis did some push back. I don’t think he wanted to do this particular stunt.

Now, as we know from the several anons people received the next day, a kiss apparently went down at the club. As far as I’ve seen, there’s been nothing substantial to back that claim up. But, it was a rumor that flared up fast and went around quickly.

But, shortly after those rumors started, we’ve got Louis tweeting:

Now, Louis is not afraid of the @ feature. That’s what struck me the most about this. This is an indirect, and I think that’s a key part to figuring out what went on behind the scenes.

I don’t think Louis wants to keep going with the narrative with the girls. I think that’s why the push back the night before. But, he went along with it. However, I think he wants to story to be told differently. I think this tweet is him trying to get the team behind him to listen. It’s an offer. It could have been buried. NB is enough of a coward to let this slide under the rug. There’s no mention of NB. He could have ignored it. I thought he would. But, he didn’t. And I think that’s because Louis offered this to his team - “this is your big story.” I think he didn’t @ Naughty Boy because he was also leaving the door open for Zayn to come in and reply. I think he left this up to the team. This way, you could have neither respond and let it go, you could have Naughty Boy respond, you could have Zayn respond, or you could have both respond. He left that up to them, but he gave them the story.

I think Sony realized the marketability of this. I think they gave Naughty Boy the free reign to say what he wanted, and Naughty Boy would of course go after Louis where it hurts. It’s also important to note that Zayn was late to the party. He didn’t respond to anything Naughty Boy said, he responded directly to Louis’ first tweet. So, I’m not sure if there was a lag getting Zayn on board or what, but I think they reached out to him. They could have used Naughty Boy to fuel the fire, and then use Zayn to really make this blow up.

Also, Louis didn’t use the “aaanyway” like he always does. I think this is because they were scrambling behind the scenes, since this was very, very last minute. I also think this is why none of the other boys got involved. If Louis ended up losing, I think he wanted to go down with what he caused. I think this was Louis trying to control his own narrative, and taking a risk to do so. A risk Sony could have ignored, or ran with, which they did. This also explains why the media is a mess. This was last minute. This was put together on the fly because Louis forced their hand. The anti-Louis articles from their trusted sources could be because they expected this to blow up in Louis’ face, but it didn’t. Now they’ve got to protect their investments in Zayn and Naughty Boy. Regardless, Louis made this story. He’s been through this before. He knows what works. Sony benefits from this. They’ve got 3 of their acts in the media right now. Any press is good press. Sony wins, and I think they gave the green light. But, I think Louis set this into motion on his own. I think he wants to take control of his own narrative, and this went over brilliantly for him. This got more attention than anything they’ve pulled. He succeeded with this one.

Of course, it could have been planned from the get-go. It could have been 100% real as well. There’s no real way of knowing. If it did go down this way, I give all the props to Louis. This was brilliantly done.