Preference #1 Favorite Gif of you fighting (verbally)



You’ve been encountering some problems with a couple of the girls at your school but shook it off because you didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing. Then one day it got a little out of hand. You decided to confront the girl that was the main cause of everything of course when you confronted her she had nothing to say and apologized.



You’re not really the one to fight with someone. You usually prefer talking things out. But whenever an old friend of yours started to bring up your past and the things you went through you couldn’t handle it. Liam loves this gif because you didn’t start throwing fist, you told her off in a mature, yet threatening, manner.



You were out at a small restaurant when a bunch of jealous girls started whispering behind your back. You decided to ignore them because you thought it would end there but it didn’t. It started getting ridiculous and a lot louder. They started to whisper about your family, the friends you were with and you were tired of it. Not only was what they were saying false but also unnecessary. It’s his favorite because when you stood up to tell the gossipers off you didn’t do it for yourself you did it to stick up for your family and friends.



Everyone knows Zayn can get a little moody. So being the Bradford Bad boy’s girlfriend he’s kind of rubbed off on you. Any gif of you fighting with someone is his favorite, he thinks it’s hot the way you still up for yourself. But this is his absolute favorite. You don’t know what happened that do, it could’ve been the alcohol Harry poured in your drink, but you weren’t yourself. Whenever someone started to shout stuff at you, threaten you, and jump into your conversation. You lost all control and finally got in her face, leaving her completely shocked.



Just like Zayn, Harry thinks it’s hot whenever you fight with someone other than him. You were having a rough week and one of your “friends” completely betrayed you. She stabbed you in the back and you were pissed. Harry kept encouraging you to stand up for yourself so when you finally approached her he was grinning behind you secretly cheering you on

A/N: *Bad Girls Club Edition* The season finale of BGC just aired so I have to do this! This was a lot harder than it looks!