I Won’t Mind

don’t look around cause love is blind
and darling right now i can see you
i’m feeling proud so without a doubt
i can feel you

cause we are who we are when no one’s watching
and right from the start, you know i got you
you know i got you

i won’t mind even though i know you’ll never be mine
i won’t mind even though i know you’ll never be mine

we messed around until we found the one thing we could never ever live without
i’m not allowed to talk about it
but i gotta tell you

cause we are who we are when no one’s watching
and right from the start, you know i got you
you know i got you

i won’t mind even though i know you’ll never be mine
i won’t mind even though i know you’ll never be mine

three things about tonight that i feel like ya’ll have forgotten

1. that track noodle boy dropped is a demo, hence unfinished. Most likely the only finished part was zayn’s vocals which were consequently the only amazing thing about the track (i like it but again probably unfinished).

2. Zayn has probably gone ghost because he knows how toxic the internet is (ya’ll remember him deleting his twitter over islamaphobia and racism right??) like for example twitter (and tumblr) one direction fans who were in full support of zayn two days ago and just like that have turned their backs on him calling him a traitor..

lol just search zayn on twitter literally every one direction fan hates him.

3. We know maybe 5% of the whole story. But assuming things about zayn’s mental health is fucked up. I get it you feel betrayed. But we know nothing. Zayn has confirmed only a few things since he left. He’s chilling and relaxing and writing. The boys are supportive in whatever he does. He’s literally FUCKING RELAXING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FIVE YEARS LMAO

yall are acting like he dropped his album drake style when he’s probably been asleep. So can we stop being gross af thanks

why this whole zaughty thing is shady:

-zayn and naughty boy tweeted out song lyrics to zayn’s demo LAST SEPTEMBER meaning that zayn has been trying to find a way out of the band for a while now, but he hadn’t been able to because he was contractually bound to 1d.

-the whole “i want to be a normal 22 year old”…what kind of bullshit is that? it all seems to be a lie to help fans transition/cope with the news of him leaving the band.

-”the boys are on good terms” it is very clear that they are not…there had to have been some sort of rift because louis straight up told off naughty boy and he knew exactly what was bothering the fans. why would louis slam someone on twitter that is so close to his supposed “best friend”…why would he do this publicly if they weren’t having some sort of issue. isn’t this something that could be solved privately if they truly were on good terms? louis’ public  reaction was likely warranted by hurt/anger towards zayn splitting.

-the fact that zayn blamed his leave on “stress” …how can you joke about that…when we put all of the pieces together it just seems like it was an excuse…a cop out…another lie so that the fans don’t turn on zayn for leaving the boys and that REALLY makes me angry. mental health is a serious issue and we all truly felt bad for him. we care zayn, remember!!?? we have been here FOR FIVE YEARS.

-the fact that he left in the middle of the tour?? first of all, this was a definite betrayal for the boys AND the fans who paid a shit load of money to see ALL 5. he jeopardized the boys’ careers and reputation. he knew that this would be ALL OVER THE MEDIA and would bring negative attention to the band. zayn knew that there might be a possibility that the fans would be upset and not show up if he left and HE STILL LEFT in the middle of the tour. thankfully there has been massive support for ot4 but can you imagine if that scenario would have gone down!??!

-he said that he tried to stay “as long as he could”…yeah, okay…until he got caught cheating (again). im 99.7% that he left mid tour to deal with the whole cheating scandal. he went back to the uk to suck up to perrie (hence the house hunting). zayn has been planning to leave for months (maybe years).

-naughty boy releasing the song TO WIN AN argument…what kind of artistic integrity is that? what kind of grown ass man does this? this is all very “nani nani boo boo”

-ZAYN NEVER EVER SAID GOODBYE? like he sent out a shitty ass, 3 line facebook message…then he does an interview with the fucking sun who has trashed talked one direction from the very start of their career? why wouldn’t he just reach out to the fans directly if the band and the fans meant so fucking much to him? why would he sell his story to the sun? 

-since when does naughty boy tweet with a smiley and an x…sounds like ZAYN’S tweeting style in all of naughty boy’s recent tweets. WHAT A COINCIDENCE…ha :) x (please note my sarcasm)


i’m sick of being lied to …i just want the truth. im just sick of the pr game. WE MADE THIS HAPPEN. WE MADE ONE DIRECTION A THING. we deserve the truth.

(i apologize for the poor writing and grammar…i just needed to vent.) 

Will niall liam or harry ever tweet? Will zayn come clean? And will naughty boy wash that grease of his face? Find out next week on Total…Drama…In the 1d fandom

the best of #masterofallwisdom on twitter

so it all started when naughty boy posted this vid from ditty saying “Naughty boy saved my life zaughty will rise” https://twitter.com/DdguX/status/582667702642302976

and then louis just kind of:

and then this all happened:

i think my heart just burnt a little:

so in conclusion: