Lil’ Bro

  • Viktor at the age of 16-17 dressed in whatever Mikhail would get him.
  • Young Viktor prefers to dress sharp after having been dressed in ragged, over-worn clothes for the longest time.
  • He also has quite the impression to make at the College of Techmaturgy.

He is grateful for having someone else to watch his back after spending most of his life alone. In Zaun, it’s hard trusting anyone, but it seems he found someone he could call a friend. What more, he finally has a family, someone to call brother. 

freshprinceofzaun/ generaldarius

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ioniantonitruum, freshprinceofzaun, grand-general-jericho-swain (the other suitors of Tybresa) Yes I want to torture you >:)


"Well.. This is torture you say? One night stand the Fresh Prince of Zaun. He’ll never see me coming when I Kill Swain. And this other fellow.. The Ionian. He seems like a gentleman. We’d probably spend our afternoons with casual chatting and tea drinking so I see no harm in marrying this man."




Request For A Truce

A letter arrived before Irellia in the form of a shadow carrying a small scroll. it was stamped with the Master of Shadows symbol and tied with a crimson ribbon. Inside the letter contained:

"Dear representative Irellia, 

As the rumors may have gotten to you already, I will be attending the summit. However I do not wish to cause any trouble at this location. All I want to accomplish at this summit, is the protection of my people even if it means removing ourselves from Ionia, and peace over all for the land. As you may have already guessed the situations with the city-states are slowly degrading. Demacia against Noxus and Piltover against Zaun. 

While i do believe staying out of things is a good idea if we were to just ignore their problems they will quickly become our own. after all you have experienced these difficulties yourself. 

Regardless, what i’m trying to ask of you is that at this summit we not clash but work together while i know you wish to attack me for the things i’ve done i believe we should put our squabbles behind us for the time being and deal with these problems at a later date. I’m pleaing for your cooperation not on my behalf but for the people of Valorean.

                                                            Stay well,

                                                           Zed, Master of Shadows.

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leider wahr..
  • Sohn:"Papa, ich hab ein Mädchen verletzt."
  • Vater:"Ab jetzt, hämmerst du immer einen Nagel in den Zaun, wenn du sie verletzt."
  • Nach einer Woche.
  • Sohn:"Papa, der Zaun ist voll."
  • Vater:"Mein Sohn, du musst das wieder gut machen. Jedes mal, wenn du ihr was Gutes tust, machst du einen Nagel aus dem Zaun wieder raus."
  • Nach ein paar Tagen sind alle Nägel raus.
  • Sohn:"Papa, alle Nägel sind raus, aber der Zaun hat ja Löcher.?"
  • Vater:"Ja, mein Sohn. Egal, wie oft du dich entschuldigst oder versuchst es wieder gut zu machen. Narben bleiben immer.."

Let the race begin! Who will win Valoran’s utmost championship? Place your bets and cheers. And one thing is for sure: there will be tons of damage.


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