Sarzi Drabble


This is my first Sarzi drabble, I’m sorry if I got something wrong!

They walked down the street hand in hand, stopping every few minutes to have a look through windows.

“What are we looking for again?” Saruuh asked leaning in next to Zarzi.

“Y-you’ll see.” He said grinning. Saruuh was beginning to notice a pattern to Zarzi’s searching. He would stop at some stores for a longer amount of time than others, as if he were trying to throw her off his scent. She narrowed her eyes looking at him, trying to figure out his plan. Zarzi just grinned back at her, knowing she was getting close. 


They continued they’re way down the street, Zarzi sticking to his confusion game. Saruuh tried to think through all of the shops they’d stopped at, the ones where Zar had shown more interest.


Abruptly Zarzi stopped and turned to face Saruuh, a huge grin plastered to his face. “C-close your eyes.” He said, taking both her hands in his and pulling her forward. Saruuh closed he eyes trying not to giggle at the pure joy Zarzi was trying to hide.  They walked forward for a few more minutes, turning a corner, till Zarzi placed his hands on her shoulders, “Open.” He said, slight nerves slipping into his voice. Saruuh opened her eyes and took in the shops around them. A bookstore, a florists and a post office. She furrowed her brow, “Which one?” she asked eyes moving between the three. “This o-one.” Zarzi grinned, nerves seeping into his voice, motioning to the florists.


“A florists? Why?” Saruuh asked looking at the tall man.

 “Well, I th-thourght you could choose a f-flower or a p-plant.” He replied.

Saruuh tried to suppress a smile, “Again, Why?”

Zarzi shook his head, “Pick f-first.”

Saruuh snorted a laugh, grinning. She took Zarzi’s hands again and pulled him into the store.


10 minutes later the couple walked out holding a cluster of cacti that were blooming a sunlight yellow colour.

“And now we…?” Saruuh asked, taking Zarzi’s hand.

“And now we take our first plant to our new apartment?” He said, with a questioning tone, grinning.

Saruuh’s mouth dropped, before she sensibly placed the plant down on the pavement and tackle hugged Zarzi, giving him only a second to catch her.

He spun them around laughing, “So th-that’s a y-yes?”

“YES!” Saruuh shouted, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she repeated, kidssing him passionately on the lips, “When do we move in?” she asked in a single breath.

“Whenever y-you want.” Zarzi replied looking lovingly into her eyes.

“Now, today.” She said grinning.

Zarzi laughed again and pressed their noses together, “I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” Saruuh grinned, reclaiming his lips.


It was going to be a long night, 

thetalkingcrocus replied to your postthetalkingcrocus replied to your post: I’m getting… Zarzi: *huffs, flashing his pointed canines* Fine, I guess I’ll settle for that. I j-just… never want to lose her, okay?

lsdkgjls—pointy canines O.O Awesome.

You won’t lose her *shakes head* I saw your conversations, you two are too cute for losing each other :) I’ll just kiss her like a friend—which is possible XD—and you’ll just be her lover ;)

Sarzi Drabble;

Zarzi sat in the living room of their apartment, reading the new book he had borrowed from work. He became distracted every few minutes, watching the rain pour outside the window. Watching the lightning light up the sky. Hearing the thunder boom and crack. In a moment of silence, no thunder, no lightning, just the melodic falling of the rain, he heard the front door open to a symphony of curses.

He grinned to himself before setting the book down and getting up to greet his Saruuh Jane. He found her in their little hallway trying to take off her coat and gumboots at the same time. He chuckled and moved forward to catch her before she lost balance and fell.

 Saruuh fell into his arms with a yelp, “Hello th-there lovely.” Zarzi said, gazing down at her face with a grin. “Hey,” she replied breathlessly, leaning up to kiss him.

Just before their lips could touch, Zarzi’s hand slipped on her wet coat and they came toppling down to the ground.

After lying on the ground in a bit of a shock, they looked at each other and broke into laughter. “Are y-you ok?” Zarzi inquired, pulling himself up from the ground and holding out his hands, grinning. “I’m fine,” Saruuh replied, reaching for his hands and hauling herself up, “Just a bump.” She added with a matching grin.

Zarzi moved quickly, spinning and lowering her into a wedding dip, “I love you my Saruuh Jane. Even if y-you are soak-king wet.” He chuckled. “I love you too Zar,” she laughed, before finally kissing him.

Patrolling Tunisian waters for migrants from Libya
Patrolling Tunisian waters for migrants from Libya

But these boats are run by human traffickers – many are inadequate for the journey – most are overcrowded. Nearly 2,000 people have drowned so far this year after the vessels capsized. Carine Torbey reports from Zarzis in southern Tunisia.

September 16, 2014 at 02:15AM