can we pleasssssseeeeee break the vevo record with the night changes music video?? they worked hard on it and they deserve it. also ZAYN GOT PASTA DUMPED ON HIM AND NIALL LITERALLY CAUGHT ON FIRE if that doesn’t make you wanna reward them for everything they do for us then gtfo

Comparing Larry to Zarry & Zouis

This was a requested post. 

In this post, I’ve selected a few Larry moments and I’m going to compare them to Zarry and Zouis. I thought to choose two ships to compare Larry to so you can see how both Louis and Harry behave with Zayn. 

If you like this post or have any suggestions, let me know so I can make more. Also if you have any specific moments in your mind, you can submit them.

For the record, I’m not trying to debunk anyone’s moments. This is purely just comparing ships and certain moments. That’s all. 

Okay then, let’s get started!

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Hello! it’s finally here Zarriall fix exchange for Valentines Day 2015!

So everyone who is dying to write about healthy poly-amorous relationships between Niall Harry and Zayn , Sign up 

this is anonymous fic exchange, so it’s be like Secret Santa, but instead of Santa you will have Secret Valentine!

Theme: this is Valentine’s day fic exchange but fic’s do not have to be stricly Valentine’s day themed. Only requirement is that fic should be about three way relationships between Zayn, Harry and Niall

Dates: sign ups are open from today 20th November, 12:00 GMT +1

Sign ups will be closed in three weeks, December 4th, 12:00 GMT +1

you will receive your assignments from Dec 4th to Dec 7th

you can submit our work whenever your want before February 13th and your secret Valentine (author) will be revealed on February 14th


  • to sign up for this fic exchange, you should have Ao3 account, if you do not have it you can easily create one here.
  • You have to request and offer, in your request, you will write your prompts, you can request from 3 to 5 prompts. please note what you want to and not want to see in your fics. in your offer you can write what you will and will not write. 
  • You should write only one fic from the prompts you recieve for this exchange, but you can use these prompts and write them for yourself.
  • when you receive your assignment, you shall not reveal who you are writing for. author will be revealed on Februart 14th.
  • minimum word count is 3000 words, but there is no limit, so knock yourselves up.
  • if you are in need of beta you can contact me.
  • and the most important: if you are not able to finish the fic before February 13th, please, plase, plase, contact me at least week betore the deadline

if you have any questions contact me on my personal blog Hiallstoran or on this exchanges’s blog zarriallficexchange.

Please support this exchange and reblog this post to spread the world, even if you are not going to participate, let the others know!

Important links

  1.  Collections  
  2. Sign up form
  3. Exchange Blog

i hope many of you will participate and support this exchange!

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