Hey Vondell, I’ve got one for you

In the 80s, Casio was not only at the height of its consumer keyboard producing powers, but it was also experimenting with other technologies, and one of those experiments was the DH-100, also known casually as the zanzithophone. 

It was the first instance of a MIDI wind instrument, and it sounds beautiful. I’ve wanted one for a long time. 

There are a number of sounds, as you can hear in this excellent demo video, but there’s one that doesn’t sound like anything else, although you may recognise the tone… a certain Elephant Six recording company was very fond of using it on its early records.


Tall Dwarfs - Over the Waves (feat. Jeff Mangum)

I’ve always dug this little sea shanty, co-written by Jeff Mangum and featuring his trademark dee dee dee dee's