Slowear F/W

Definitely one of my favourite group of brands. They hit the sweet spot with great looking clothes that are stylish but never look too formal.

Glanshirt has nice relaxed collars and soft fabrics, Incotex pants are a staple to every wardrobe.

The knitwear from Zanone is top notch (also, get their Ice cotton polos in the summer, they beat linen in terms of breezy-ness).

And to top it all off, some outerwear and jackets from the Montedoro label. I especially like beige sportscoat, the classic navy peacoat, and the suede field jacket.

anonymous said:

Hey as a man, particularly a very fit man I was wondering your view on women having fat. Is there understanding that women need fat on them or do you all expect them to be thin and fit?


«My Belief=>
Women absolutely 110% NEED more fat on them than men. There’s this crazy amazing beautiful unbelievable thing they do called, Childbirth. This is just the big reason but there are many others ie: Testosterone levels V.S. Estrogen 

This is why I appreciate women bodybuilders very much. Until you have a full understanding of how a woman’s physiology works, it’s harder to appreciate the HARD WORK (That word doesn’t do them justice.)


«Western Civilization=> Thin is In, excuse my language but BULLSHIT ALERT! Before I dive deeper, I want to make a clear statement;
All of us have different phenotypes(body types, if you will) and that means there will be women that are naturally REALLY thin, which is TOTALLY OKAY!

We need to be careful because I see a lot of people on side of, they are "too thin" they must have an eating disorder…NO, that’s not true and now you’re just as bad as our western culture. 

One thing
-STOP JUDGING EACH OTHER, We are all different, special, and unique. That isTRUE BEAUTY to me.

As a culture we have focused too much on the “right” body image, sex sells, “fat” is bad, “fat people are lazy, skinny people rule the world and are goddesses but be careful, if they go too skinny we ostracize them.

^^^Is that not ludacris or what?! 

I hope I’m not ranting but this is a very serious issue and more people need to be aware of their actions. I stick with this, no matter who you are, shape, size, how much money you have, where you were born…YOU ARE SPECIAL AND UNIQUE…You weren’t born in to this world to be judged, you are here for a reason and your life has a purpose. 

I’ll be the first to tell you I am guilty of all the above but I have been aware of my actions for a long time and little by little, I get #BetterThanYesterday

Yes that’s not just some silly tagline for my business, I actually live it in every aspect of my life and you can too.

Lift Life my friends!


Slowear F/W ´13

Italian Slowear comprises of a group of four labels including Incotex (trousers since 1951), Zanone (knitwear since 1986), Glanshirt (shirts since 1960) and Montedoro (sport coats, blazers and outerwear since 1958), to propose products that share the same philosophy and product characteristics: modernity, high quality fabrics and a distinctive style.

For the upcoming F/W ´13 Slowear collection finds inspiration from the idea of so called “Urban traveller”. The color scheme is (as usual) very subtle and restrained and the collection proposes a natural & casual, kind of a soft, comfortable and informal but still sharp look that is once again guided by the shared principles of all four brands mentioned above.

See the full collection here.


I get a lot of private asks that I usually don’t share unless I think it can bring help to others; like this==>

Q: Hey Zeek, I have a bit of a problem with punishment through diet. I used to suffer from Sub-Clinical Anorexia, but I’ve recovered from that for the most part. However, if I disappoint a friend or family member, and especially if I disappoint myself in some way, I find myself restricting heavily and taking my emotions out on my physical being. I have been speaking with a councellor, but I was wondering if you had any adivce that could help with this situation. Thank you in advance! - ANON


This is question is very close to my heart. Someone very very close to me has fought with alcoholism and anorexia for her entire adult life. I really wish I had THE answer for you but I don’t. 

I am not a professional in this field either. It’s very important you continue to seek help and I am so proud of you for doing that. I’m not going to tell you I know how you feel. 

I have had to reach out myself to professionals at point in my life. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I can tell you for certain that no matter what, you are incredibly special and this earth would not be the same without you. This isn’t supposed to be some sappy BS quote either…I used not understand when people showed me love because I was revolted with myself. 

The number one thing I have done over the years to get Better Than Yesterday, is LEARN to love myself. I ask you to wake up every morning and say to yourself 3 times over, "I am one of a kind, I am a special individual, and I love myself."

I am always here for you and I know everyone in the #FitFam is too. Lift your Life to the greatest heights girl! It’s not going to be easy but I promise you, little battle by little battle you will overcome this. 

anonymous said:

Self righteous with a Jesus complex perfectly describes you

This made me really happy because if you bring Jesus or God to the equation that means you have felt the spirit through my posts! 

8 months ago I didn’t believe in God. 

I give my opinion to the Fitness Family, if they ask for it. Whether you’re a believer, satanist, agnostic, addict, atheist…I don’t judge anyone.

I try my best to live my life the way I think I should and that’s to give, love, and smile.

I can already hear the whispers and murmurs, "That’s so cliche I’m sick. What a loser. He thinks he is better than everyone…Blahhh Blahh blahhh"

If you ever want to talk this one out, I would be honored. In the mean time, I’m going to do that christian thing, "Pray" …I’ll ask for forgiveness too because my first reaction was to hate you.

I’m human, I’m just trying to do my best every day.
Lift Life
, whether you want it or not my hand is always extended to you.