Gearbox Has Successfully Made Me Rage!


First off, to Gearbox, FUCK YOU! We asked for a more difficult raid boss, not some Resident Evil boss fight knock off that is so boring and you almost do nothing that it might as well be quicktime.                                                                                                                  At this point I hope you guys are wondering what I’m talking about. Well, I’m talking about Hyperius and Master Gee the invincible. Both of which are complete bitches. Although, I have figured out how to solo Hyperius, it’s still bullshit that he only drops 5 guns and 8 crystals. What’s even worse, I CAN ONLY FIGHT THE MOTHER FUCKER ONE TIME A DAY!                                                                                                                             I’m sure you all know about the new market with the Seraph crystals, well the only thing I think is even worth buying is the relic and that costs 50 crystals. If I can only fight Hyperius one time a day and he drops 8 crystals then it would be a week before I can even consider purchasing the cheapest item in the new DLC, there’s your 10 hours of gameplay.                                                                                                                I Don’t know how you guys feel about Master Gee but a boss that you can even damage with your own guns totally removes the point of FIRST PERSON SHOOTER to me… Back to my reference above, fighting Master Gee might as well be quicktime like some cheap Resident Evil knock off. Because all you practically do is run around trolling the fucker because his harpoons fly slower than Molasses in February and anyone that gets knocked down by them forgot that their left thumbstick worked

 Also, the entire idea of having him absorb the cuastic fountains would not be that bad if it worked every time. 75% of the time I walked that dousche bag through the green goo of his pets it did nothing and I started to consistently taking damage.

All in all, Master Gee is a bitch and Hyperius should be made able to fight against more than one time a day. If I am going to farm for crystals this is how my day goes so far; defeat Hyperius, try to reopen his gate and get pissed. Continue to Master Gee’s lair and spend the rest of my day getting fucked by him and all of his worms and their vomit. Just… not… fun… Peace out and have fun…                                                                                                            Zandreta

Zandreta here with the Humble Gamer Guys. Moxxi, by far, is the sexiest video game character that I have ever seen. I love her attitude, I love her looks, and she has one hell of a hot voice. Needless to say, it is one of my guilty pleasures to one day sleep with someone dressed up as her. Luckily for me, my girlfriend has already said that she would one day soon.

 One of my favorite things Moxxi says in Borderlands 2 is “You keep giving me money like that and I am going to have to pay you back some how.” I’m sure you can guess why.

  Also, I’m certain that most of you already know, but in Borderlands 2 we find out that Moxxi comes from The Dust. She use to be a part of the Hodunk clan and as you tip her sometimes she will go into the Hodunk (Hick) accent, it’s absolutely hilarious.

 One more interesting fact, and then I’m done. If you look closely at Ellie’s chest (it might be a pain to do so) you will notice that Ellie has a black heart tattooed where the red one is on Moxxi <3 Like Mother Like Daughter

 See you again guys, peace out and have fun


New Borderlands 2 DLC is announced.


Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt has been announced to be available January 15th featuring a new Raid Boss, Seraph Boss, and new types of creatures. In this campain you travel to another continent on Pandora therefor experiencing things not seen on the world of Pandora yet. More info following this link

It's Christmas in Borderlands.


Zandreta here. Rivenb and I are currently playing Borderlands 2 together and we have a HUGE pile of oranges in Sanctuary. So, if you guys are on and want to hop in my lobby on Xbox to receive some wonderful gifts go ahead :) send me a friend request and let the looting begin. Gamertag: Zandreta

Halo 4 Disappointed Me


The Halo Franchise should have definitely stayed in the ahnds of Bungie and not transfer to 343. I haven’t had a chance to play online multiplayer yet, it does look interesting though. But the story line itself has pissed me off beyond belief. I will have a podcast up soon about it. Mind you, IT WILL BE FULL OF SPOILERS. Anyways, see you soon                                        -Zandreta