Hiveworks kicks off 2014 in style by welcoming the brand new comic Basin Vale to our ranks. Some people say vampires are passé, but we disagree, especially when a vampire story is as colorful and intriguing as the one animator Paige Pax (also known as zamii070) has created.

Alessa is a vampire on a journey to find the rest of her coven. Her quest is arduous and full of challenges, challenges made more difficult by the presence of people like Jade, a vampire hunter, Taira, a witch, and Ampyx, Taira’s hellhound sidekick.

So click on the link below to follow Alessa on her adventures. Will she find her family? Or fall prey to dangers that may end her in this life, and the next!

Start reading Basin Vale here:

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Please stop being assholes to artists.

Don’t tell them that they “used” to be good or that their new way of drawing is bad.

That’s like telling a kid that you liked them better when they needed training wheels on their bike and now that they can ride a two wheeler you hate them. Sounds stupid doesn’t it. 

Telling someone to go back to how they used to draw is like saying they aren’t allowed to improve.

You don’t get to tell them what to do if they wanna fucking start drawing a certain way then you fucking let them god damn it.

God I am so tired of seeing people act like they’re in charge of what someone chooses to draw or how they draw it. 

It’s dumb and it’s rude as all fuck so please stop.


Now it’s Jane’s turn to creep Gamzee out!

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