The Nine Things given to `Aaishah رضي الله عنها:

On the authority of `Alee bin Zaid bin Jad`aan that his grandmother informed him that `Aaishah رضي الله عنها said:

❝I have been given 9 things which were not given to any other woman after Maryam bint `Imraan.

1) Jibreel came with my picture in a piece of silk until it was commanded to the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم to marry me.

2) He married me, a virgin, and he did not marry any virgin other than me.

3) His soul departed while he was in my house.

4) He was buried in my house. The Angels had surrounded my house.

5) And when the Revelations used to come down and he was with his other wives, they would be separated from him. Whereas the Revelations used to come down and I would be with him in the same bedding.

6) And I am the daughter of the Khaleefah and the truthful one.

7) Revelation was sent from the sky about my chastity.

8) I was created in goodness to a good person.

9) And I have been promised forgiveness and good sustenance.❞

[Siyar `Alaam al-Nubalaa’ (2/141) of al-Dhahabee and he said its chain is “Jayyid” (good) and it has other routes]

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ياليت تربط حساب الانستقرام بتمبلر :(

ما في فرق احيانا بنزل هون صور مقاسها ما يجي كامل للتمبلر ف بنزل ع الجهتين بمقاس مختلف 💕
واحياناً بنزل شغلات ع الانستغرام وما بنزلها هون ف اعملولي فولو اللي حابب يشوف شغلي : zaid_alhourani@


Hello, laverrecity ! I’m your RF Secret Santa! I’m so sorry this took so long OTL;;; I went off of your headcanon, “that they were childhood friends, and eventually reconnect as best friends”. But I think I went a bit angsty with it;;;  Though, I hope you enjoy this and can read it despite the fact I crammed it with text.  I really hope you had a great holiday!! :D <3 (read left to right)