All I can say is that the Russian soldier has a natural talent for fighting,” he declared. “And he’s ready to demonstrate that skill in any European country you like.

Russia’s Young Hemingway

Chechen War Veteran Zahar Prilepin is an unabashed nationalist and critic of the Kremlin.

"…The paradoxes are endless. It’s only when you see Prilepin and his work in the context of his generation that the picture starts to make sense. Born in 1975, he grew up in a provincial intelligentsia family during the stifling days of Brezhnev stagnation. But as he came of age, his country fell apart and the certainties of Soviet life disintegrated into a kaleidoscope of ideologies. Small wonder, then, that Prilepin’s world view seems patched together from so many apparently contradictory sources—a bit of Tolstoyan mysticism, some German nationalism, a dash of Jeffersonian democracy…."

Atat a mai ramas din crema de #zahar ars facuta aseara. Ne place sa o mancam direct din tava/oala 😁 rece, direct din frigider.

This is what’s left of the #flan that i have made last night. We enjoy to eat it straight from the pot.

[Dia 2] Um livro com sua cor favorita. Percebi que não tenho nenhum 😕 geralmente livros em tons de roxo são usados em gêneros literários que não gosto muito. Mas vale a lombada? Vamos levar em conta que levei muitas mordidas e arranhões até essa foto sair 🐱.
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