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Zaha Hadid’s dynamic Jockey Club Innovation Tower slices through its tight, irregularly shaped plot on the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Seamlessly integrating a concrete podium with a louvered glass façade on the upper levels, the 250-foot-tall building houses the institution’s design education and research programs and includes a lecture hall, classrooms, design studios, and workshops, as well as exhibition spaces and a communal viewing lounge.

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Zaha Hadid’s 3-D Printed Flame Heels Among 5 Designs To Re-Invent the Shoe

Zaha Hadid, Fernando Romero, and Ben Van Berkel are making headlines alongside two renowned artists for their 3-D printed reinventions of the high heel. A collaborative vision spearheaded by United Nude and 3-D Systems, the highly anticipated project was unveiled yesterday at the “Re-Inventing Shoes” exhibition at Milan Design Week.


Zaha Hadid’s Drawings via RNDRD + Lebbeus Woods

Most architects make drawings. Yet, Zaha’s drawings of the 1980s are different, and in several ways. Most notably, she had to originate new systems of projection in order to formulate in spatial terms her complex thoughts about architectural forms and the relationships between them. These new projection methods were widely copied in their time, and influenced, I believe, the then-nascent computer modeling culture. More to the point, they enabled her to synthesize entire landscapes within which a project she was designing may have been only a small part. This has been crucial to her thought because she sees architecture as an integral part of the wider world. She was a global architect long before the term acquired its present meaning.

There is another way these drawings are not only unique, but uniquely important to Zaha’s idea of architecture: they must carry the entire weight of her intellectual investment. Her written statements about the work are, frankly, blandly descriptive, betraying little of her philosophy, and even less of her aspiration to employ her architecture as a unifying force in the world. Her lectures, while getting a boost from her charisma, are no more revealing. But her drawings speak volumes about her outlook, her intellectual depth, and her ambition to place architecture at the dynamic center of an ever more dynamic world.

fyi, hate post…

I can’t find a person that creates more repelling concepts than Zaha Hadid. This aesthetic completely misses me on every level, and this work epitomises sterility for reasons I can’t… *falls asleep*