starpendle asked:

What has CN done recently? Haven't watched it in ages aside from Toonami, but curious to see what they done now,

They seem to be in the process of cancelling Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice: Invasion in order to replace them with a comedic, chibified reboot of the previous Teen Titans cartoon and a new CGI Batman cartoon.

It’s silly and stupid because they could bring in these two new shows without cancelling any, especially since GLTAS and YJI have formidable and loyal fanbases. Heck, YJ has the third biggest fanbase of any other show currently airing on CN (first two being for Adventure Time and Regular Show).

Their excuse is that they want to expand on their DC Nation block. This programming consists of a full hour of DC Comics-inspired cartoons. Right now, it features both GLTAS and YJ with several animated shorts (including little chibi TT shorts on which the new reboot will be based of) showing between commercial breaks. But rather than changing it into a 2-hour block to air the two new shows, they’re planning to cancel the ones they alredy have and replace them.

There’s also the fact that the network has been treating both series poorly. While they advertised the heck out of them when their respective pilots first aired, they’ve done little to promote them afterwards and have pulled insanely long and unnecessary hiatuses on both. In fact, both shows had been on hiatus from June 9th to September 29th last year, and then after two new episodes of each, it went on another 3-month hiatus at the very last second without any warning. They never offered explanation for that either, even though it only took minutes for their Facebook and Twitter accounts to explode with thousands of enraged fans after the pull and the onslaught continued for an entire month.

And it’s a really huge shame because GLTAS and YJ are two of the best shows the channel has seen in a pretty long while. GLTAS is produced by Giancarlo Volpe, the storyboard artist for the original —and ever so legendary— Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon. Meanwhile, YJ was co-created by Greg Weisman (creator of the Disney cult classic Gargoyles) and Brandon Vietti (director the critically successful DC animated home release movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood). I haven’t even mentioned the plethora of other wonderful people making up the respective crews, but you know that there’s some real talent behind both these series. :/