Okay, normally I would take photos of my products with my good camera but this hat is like.. cursed or something. While sewing it, it broke three of my new good news. I never break needles.

I want it out!

Get this hat, inspired by the ‘OFF’ game! I always raffle off prototypes (final product is always cleaner, more symmetrical.etc but instead of chucking prototypes.. I give them away!) for new products I carry. This is 100% hand-made by me. Machine sewn with APPLIQUED eyes and mouth for a professional look!


-Reblog as many times as you want. Likes count.

-Follows not necessary.. but appreciated!

-Ask box open

-Must be comfortable with me (a stranger) sending you this item. I like including drawings too!

Raffle ends May 6th.

Good luck! Don’t let the hat curse you too!

Let me tell you about this awesome zacharie. This guy right here. Man I don’t even know his name but I wish to thank him a lot. I was The Batter at jafax on Sunday and I had to wait for my friends. I was nervous. REALLY nervous. Waiting all alone. I know the people there were nice, and so I thought I could handle being alone, but I was wrong. My hula-hoop/add-on kept bumping into things and people, and people asked why i even had it and i tried to explain, but they didn’t know who i was so i felt in the way and stupid. My heart wouldn’t stop pounding like crazy. I was on the brink of crying, but I saw him, I thought  ”oh a zacharie, since I’m a batter I should attach myself to him” and so I ran over and meekly said hi and sorta started looking around, frowning, he asked “what’s wrong” and I told him I was alone and asked if I could follow him for a bit, he said it was okay and that he was going to sit down so I joined him and we talked about Off together. He was pretty funny and we also talked about how we made our zacharie masks. Then I realized I saw him on Saturday as well! (when this pic was taken) and so, this guy made me feel safe until my friends showed up and I thank him so much. It might’ve not been a big deal, but it really means a lot to me. If anyone knows him and if he has a tumblr let me know please! I’d love to give him a follow on here. I was distracted by friends so I didn’t thank him enough. uwu



So yesterday I posted some gifs of me really happy with my new Zacharie mask and some people asked how I made it. And since I’m a veeery good person: Here’s a tutorial on how to make it!! :D



So, actually my Zacharie mask was a gift from a friend (@zombierod), and I asked him to make a tutorial and it was very kind of him to send me one :33

"I didn’t document the whole process but I hope this helps the curious people to understand a little bit on how I managed to get this result.



First I made a paper guide to make five cardboard layers for the mask.


You can see the cardboard thickness in this picture:


Then I glued 5 layers with some modifications on the mouth, ears and eye sizes. I didn’t cut the mouth on the last layer for obvious reasons.

There is also a hole for the nose on the other side of the mask so it fits better on italian descendents.


I used oil clay to smoothen the details.


I dont have pictures of the next step but I used a thing we brazilians call “plastic dought” or something like that, you can find in building material stores.

I preffer using cardboard to put the dough on the mask because its easyer to handle than a spatulla and you can trow it away after using.


I applied the “cola plastica universal” or plastic dough (since I lack a better translation for that) three times, the first to get the forms, the second to fix the details and the third to do the finishing.

Between each time I used sand paper to make it as smooth as possible before aplying the nex layer.

After using the sandpaper for the last time and painting it got this look:


I used pearl white and black acrilic paints.

Now to make the teeth I got two layers of the thick cardboard and one of a smothier paper that I found around my house.

I call it “magic paper”.


Each tooth is a diferent piece. 

After painting, I glued them together in a black piece of cardboard to guarantee the alignment and thickness. Then I glued the cardboard with the teeth on the mouth.


To make the finishing, I got a piece of cloth that let the light go through it and glued it directly to the back of the mask. (2 parts water 1 part glue with a brush).


Also I had a little problem with the alignment of the mask with my face so I put some kitchen sponges with the black cloth around to get a more confortable fit.


Almost there!

For the next step I got a elastic band and a small drill. So I made two holes on each side and passed the rubber band through it.


I painted over the elastic bands with no regrets.


I made it with two bands so that its easyer to adjust it on the head. It usually messes up the hair a little bit but I don’t think Zacharie would mind that… 

There are some cracks on the surface because some casualities on the “cardboard layers step” but on normal conditions that wouldn’t happen.

I hope this helped a little bit to the curious people to understand the process of making something with this look. I apologise strongly for that english is not my first language so there must be some very odd phrasal constructions on this post. 


Thats how I went to my office this tuesday.”

Hope you liked, feel free to ask any questions!!