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Painted Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis pictus). It was amazing how the blue scale coloration seemed to magically appear and disappear as the snake breathed! (For a video, go here.) Nghệ An Province, Vietnam.

©Zachary A. Cava

*Originally posted on the Field Herp Forum: Vietnam: Part 2

Fossil seed ferns (Alethopteris sp., Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri, and Neuropteris ovata). 300 m.y.o. St. Clair, PA. 185mm. 

One of the coolest fossil hunting experiences I’ve had. The amount of detail preserved in these fossils is incredible—some appear as if the leaves had just fallen! Exploring this area was like being transported back in time. Looking at a fossil like the one pictured here, it is not difficult to imagine the ancient carboniferous swamp coming back to life. 

For me, fossils are all about stress relief, and keeping things in perspective; a sobering—yet comforting—reminder of how briefly we are here, and where our priorities should lie. When I feel overwhelmed, it is relieving to recall how petty our day-to-day struggles are in the grand scheme of things. Life goes on.

©Zachary A. Cava


Short video clip I recorded of a Dendrelaphis pictus (Painted Bronzeback) in Nghệ An Province, Vietnam. It was amazing to see how the blue scale coloration seems to magically appear and disappear as the snake breathes! Hypnotizing.

©Zachary A. Cava