i saw them in a dream in the cantina.

touching each other with their Hands

i saw the look in their eyes when they thought no one was looking

violence and sex, blood and semen and saliva

fire in their hearts and bellies and liquor, so much liquor.

i saw the way they looked at everyone else

at my brother. at my apprentice.

so much hate.

i will give them hate. i will touch them with hate. after all

i have these Hands.


will have their Hands, too.

today spook introduces you to the members of the cult of solace

wyvern: i can’t ever think of thread titles for these posts, ever

bird: ADVENTURE IN SPACE by yza, age 5

wyvern: adventure in space
bird: scribbly drawings of solace being creepy and him stabbing jack
bird: jack constantly has a mad face