Yu Yu Hakusho 30 Day Challenge - Day One: Favorite Character

↳  This was very hard. For the longest time my favorite was Kurama and I still love Kurama because he’s bad ass. But recently Yusuke has risen above him. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate Yusuke’s ability to find humor in any situation. He’s vulnerable as well. I definitely feel in love with him during the Dark Tournament when he wasn’t too ‘cool’ to be afraid of Toguro. But he pushed his fears behind him and fought with everything he had. 

30 Day Yu Yu Hakusho Challenge

Day 1 - Favorite character


I am a complete sucker for the good guy okay? Especially the main man!

How can I explain why I love Yusuke?

At first I hated him. Thought he was the biggest asshole going, the way he kicked around and just beat people up for kicks. Then when he saved that little boy from being killed, proved there was more to him. 

As Genkai once said, “There a brick wall of crap standing between Yusuke and his emotions.” I think it’s then that his true colours began to shine. 

He wasn’t just some kid who cared about nothing but violence, though that is a big par of it, he actually in sense cared to much. He doesn’t know how to handle it, so he shuts them away. 

I started to feel sorry for him yknow? Dealing with an alcoholic mother, always being the outcast at school, etc. However, in the end, I admired him. The way he just threw himself head first into life, not thinking half the time before acting, and dealing with consequences as they came. That’s a feat in itself. Needless to say all the times he fought to protect those he cares about.

I just. Yusuke. <3