on a scalee of 1 to 10 how fake am i? 

not as fake as exo ls who haven’t gotten jd’s yx’s and ks’s teaserss to 1 mil views yet


lc: remember in high school when you used to drop me off and we’re always rushing because of my curfew? do you remember always you would get me home exactly on my curfew?
stephen: i was good about that.
lc: i would be like, ‘oh i have to be home in seven minutes’ and you’d be like ‘no worries’ and you’d be like gone!
stephen: i never drove too crazy though. i had precious cargo.

yixngmetosleep asked:

Ahh i was wondering the same thing! Cause i see yixing teapots in the yixing tag all the time hahahahaha

so i googled “yixing teapots” so i could compare n heres what i got

..and this the one from the teaser

looks the same to me??? leave it to sm to actually use an yixing tea set to serve yixing tea in yixings teaser lol