The Best of "Yeah What They Said."

This is a game we play on the spot (ARWEN Spot). We have a blast with it, because some are spectacularly creative. A set of pictures are given and then the members of the group are asked to create amusing dialogue that co-ordinates with the pictures.

Over the next week or two or three, I will share one occasionally with what was deemed the best overall dialogues. Hope you get a chuckle. That is what they are for. In no way, is it to be taken seriously.

Images A 

Image B

Image A

Arthur: "Come hither wench. The dungeon was your fantasy, not mine."

Image B

Angel: Ahh Bradley?
Bradley: Hmmm?
Angel: Sooooooooo how long before it clicks we raided the Tudor’s costumes for a lark?
Bradley:Shhhhhhhhhh…maybe they’ll let you keep the corset.