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Once someone gives this to you have to pass it to at least 10 people that are amazing and deserve to know it. Nothing happens if you don't send it, but is always nice to share love ♥

Thank you! :)


yuyami replied to your post: yuyami replied to your post: I’m so bored it…

Oh… WOW that sounds like so much fun!! I wish my cat would let me dress her up but, yeh no she’s a little biotch :P Okayokay, here are a few but idk if you’ve maybe seen them..? Meh: No.6, Code Geass, Angel Beats, Lucky Star, Ao no Exorcist…

oh. my cats love to be dressed up. i make them all these clothes like scarves, jester collars, darth vader suits…. *coughcough* i swear i’m not crazy :D

uwuahhh i love lucky star like with a burning passion. i’ve seen parts of most of those but not the whole things. thankyouuuu<33


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Okay okay… I completely understand and AGREE with the last three… But Kuroshitsuji?!? I’m not saying it’s amazing, but it’s so much better than the other anime you say you don’t like.. :/

It’s about a butler. Not my thing.


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I hate being bored but I’m bored almost all the time! DX I could give you a list of anime I myself have watched or want to watch, if you waaaant? :3

ohmygoooooooooosh yes please :D<33

i’ve resorted to dressing up my cats and rolling around on the floor with them.

i think i have a serious problem O u O


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You know those little bally things that show up after the tights are kinda old?? Just pull on them, they make horizontal lines and just rip a whole there :D No scissors necessary, just go crazay!

My tights were new! Me and my mum sat for ages making holes/ladders!