Request for Fanfiction?

This is mostly for those who have read Fortuna Favet Fatuis but I guess this is for any SoujixNaoto fans as well.

So, as all of you know it’s sort of a NG+ fanfic based on one of the bad endings you can get if you don’t catch the true culprit (aka - we all know who by now but I’ll avoid spoilers in case?) of the game and everything pretty much goes to hell. I’ve been adding small changes and new events along the way, but I’ve never really gotten the chance to take requests for what people want to see in the story?

Of course, I want to work in some of the Golden events, but I suppose I’d like to know what people want most. Obviously most of the pairings are already set, so I don’t know if I’ll change any of those, but I want to listen to ideas from others because it’s a HUGE project and I could use all the help I could get.

Sooo… any ideas? Answer here? Reblog? PM?

This is perhaps… the most treasured memory of a case I will ever have. While I owe so much to the investigation that brought me to Inaba, as terrible as that may sound, it was the stepping stone that took me to the biggest and most wonderful changes in my life.

But even beyond that, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly thank Yakushiji-san or Grampa enough. I owe so much to those little white cards…

I still have them, I don’t think I’ll ever throw them away. 

[Naoto lifts herself up into the tree with ease. Her hands grip the branches firmly as she slowly pulls herself higher and higher. Her gaze is frustrated, fixed upon a dark-blue cap stuck in a small mass of branches toward the top. The wind had picked it up only minutes earlier as she was on her way home from school and cast it upwards, much to her annoyance. Still, climbing trees was an easy act; she was sure she would have it again soon enough.

As she nears the top of the three, she stretches outward, her fingers brushing the cap’s brim. A moment later, she holds it in her hand and begins to lean backward in satisfaction. A step back is all it takes. A loud CRACK! fills the air, shortly followed by a short scream.

Almost four hours later, two past the time she was meant to meet Souji at a restaurant in the shopping district, the silverette’s phone receives a call.]


fortunesgolfclub said:

Kiss me.

Tugging at the end of her skirt awkwardly, Naoto felt her cheeks heat up as she pointedly looked everywhere but the pale-haired male sitting several feet away from her. Each minor movement of her legs made the much-too-short fabric of Yasogami’s female uniform ruffle and shift, offering a breeze she was very much unaccustomed to; thus she opted to simply keep them both pressed closely together. 

A sudden request from the room’s other occupant made the sleuth jump as she stared at Souji with a wide-eyed expression. “O-over there?” she muttered, feeling her voice hitch up to it’s natural pitch. “But that’s… so close…”

Her only response was a warm grin and a hand extended in her direction.

Giving the silverette a hesitant expression, Naoto slowly moved forward — though it was more of a shuffle than anything else, she really didn’t want that skirt to go up — and stopped in front of Souji. Her gaze fell on the hand offered and, slowly, she outstretched her own and laced their fingers together. Almost immediately she felt a tug and a squawk of surprise leapt out of her throat and she landed unceremoniously into her partner’s lap.

"S-Souji-san! You…" Trailing off, she sleuth felt her protests die in her throat as she realised just how close they were. Souji’s eyes held the ever familiar warmth to them which never failed to sent a soft fluttering through her chest. "Sou—"

She never got to finish.

Distance: < 1 Metre