YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS, lookit what i got!!!!!, im SO fricken excited!!!

i got this at wallmart for 18+$
so with tax probably somewhere around 20$ for the entire series, you can also get it online for 26$ or so, i’d say round it up to 30$ for tax.
either way if you guys love Hey Arnold, buy it while it’s in stock.

Also i called to ask if they had it in the store and i was told they didn’t carry it i went and it was there…so remember some people just don’t know (or some don’t care) about  the product you’re asking them to see if they have it, so id suggest you go and look before going online it could save you a few bucks. 

I mean i’ve been looking up a way to get a hold of this series because i just love it so much, and it’s hard to find some discs and some season come in two separate discs…it’s kinda a pain and one disk can cost about 18 + dollars so to me this deal getting the whole set for 20$ is just phenomenal i’m so stocked!
i might have been slightly foaming at the mouth at one point….