Forgive me for my shadow! I was slightly damp as well. Anyways, I hope my MaiMaiXYuu-kyan writing on the sand made you happy! I was thinking I should show my shipping by my love for the beach. As a bonus I thought I should do a bro ship! SugitanXYuu-kyan! I believe you notice I misspelled Yuu-kyan with Yuu-kan.(Well at least it spells YOU CAN) Well, I was in a hurry and forgot the y. I know the picture above it is a little messy cause I had to fix it to add the y. Anyways, I’m glad I did this.

Imagine Nakahara and Nakamura having a honey moon there and they wrote their nicknames(or names) on the sand! Haha!
Well, I made it come true by doing it for them lol! Then Sugita joins in the honeymoon! Wait, he fears the ocean! Perfect! At last in peace! Lol! I’m just kidding! Hey, reminds of Juvia!
“Gray-sama, let us go to the beach for our honeymoon!” XD

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[羞恥プレイ] 中村悠一、柿原徹也がゲーム対決 # ゚Д゚) 罰ゲームの尻文字がエ、エロ可愛い (p〃д〃q) 

[Shame Game] Nakamura Yuichi, Kakihara Tetsuya Game Showdown # ゚Д゚) The Punishment Game of Butt Character Writing is S-Sexy-Cute!

Yuukyan and Kakki play Fairy Tail: Portable Guild and have to pull off the Unison Raid. The punishment is to write certain characters of a word with their butts (whilst wearing cat tails!) if they lose.

Spoilers: they lose.

anonymous asked:

Yuichi Nakamura.

1. My favourite role 

Tsundere Banchou from Renai Banchou (PSP). That’s the role that made me fall for him~

[No srsly who wouldn’t fall for the guy who kept going all, “S-shut up!!! I did not do that for your sake!”]

2. My least favourite role

Towano Mykage from Aquarion EVOL. Never have I hated an anime character so much until this guy appeared. I still want to wring his neck for breaking up my otp gaaaaaaah (・x・)コロヌ

3. A character type I want to see them play more often

More openly-tsundere male roles please, though I think he needs more villain roles. Cid Raines was a waste. Sure, his voice was lovely, but lmao, he died immediately.

4. Would I watch a show just because he’s in it?

If he’s there, then it’s a bonus for me. I don’t openly looking for him anymore, but if he’s there, then good.

5. Three more roles I like him in

  • Tsukimiya Ringo (Uta no Prince-sama: Repeat)
  • Alto Saotome (Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime + Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa)
  • Trey (Final Fantasy Type-0)

I would actually love him more if he gets a definitive Tales of Series role as any of the following: male lead, supporting character, or the main villain. It’s the only thing that he’s lacking in his seiyuu profile.

anonymous asked:

How did you got into the seiyuu fandom?

Simple. Anime!!! I’ve been aware to seiyuus when I got into anime but not really to the point I need to memorized who voiced the anime characters but it all change last year, February after finishing that hell-of-a-thesis. I was marathoning Starry Sky until I got to recognized Yuukyan's voice since Gray in Fairy Tail is my fave.

And there’s like a big achievement when you guessed right voicing those characters ^^ So yeah! Now I’m fully aware about them.