uirus said:

what the fucks up with this anon

idk like usualy i know who sends me ~negative~ anon asks so i don’t answer but in this case i really have no idea who it is haha i thought i was irrelevant enough to like.. not get hateful anons but apparently i was wrong. the fun never ends here on tumblr dot com.

kuranos01 said: dont worry!! theres still the anime and manga, its not over yet!

yeah you’re right, let’s wait patiently!! (´;ω;`) i’m getting so emotional over nothing ahahahaha this is what kagepro does to me y___y

timeephemeral replied to your post: Some combination of #☼☺‽ ??? I don’t even know man

I dunno ive had this weird respect for you ever since you reblogged whatever tpaz music I posted and then you followed me and I followed back and it was this mutual following thing but you seem pretty cool. I dunno this is awkward im glad we friends

the way to my heart is jcore music
but in serious you seem really super cool too and we have a lot of common interests so i don’t see why we’re not friends?haha
(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・ i will start talking to you more often

yoshika420 replied to your post: if no one on here can initiate…

just start replying to their posts and pretending ur already friends and i think thats how it works

that’s what im doin g but it doesnt always wor k

ladymima replied to your post: if no one on here can initiate…


satorikomeiji replied to your post: if no one on here can initiate…

illuminati contact

you’re both probably right

ilovejapaneseboys replied to your post:i showed got7 to my cousin and she won’t stop…

I love BamBam so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh xD he’s the only one i can actually say i like xD Bang Bang haah xD

OMG ME TOO!!! he just looked perfect to me at first glance aaasdfghjkll (´∀`)♡  #hugbambam2014 he’s super pokable and has a cool voice and dances nicely aND HE MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY YEYEYE

gggg bambam is important ♡