YES!! ITS THAT MOMENT WHEN LIFE COUNTS,; your gonna die now yuka >:)

yeah so *spoilers* the true ending wherein yuka truly does die is very cruel and harsh;;

however;; would you rather have a hot guy die?

;;le silence *thats right* no. So yeah yuka does die;; if you increase satoshi + naomi’s relationship with eachother and slowly abandon yuka

for she will give you her beads;; *ping* ring a bell?

In case anyone is interested: Ryo has a little brother, Yua, who is also in a band.

Yua is the bassist of riff raff mahoroba (same band, different name). 

you can hear samples of a few songs on their myspace.

they have two live videos at the moment on their youtube. Personally, I like them and can’t wait to hear more. The two songs are as follows: ソラにヒカリ (sora ni hikari) and クライマックス (climax). They’re very young—Yua is 19, how old Ryo was at the beginning of baroque and the others are 20 (the support drummer is 29 though). 

We do not plan on covering riff raff on fyk since we are already covering kannivalism, baroque and boogieman and that’s a lot! And riff raff is quite a bit different in our opinion. We thought you might like to know, though. Nevertheless, since I’m interested in the band, I’ve been posting them on anakuro and will mention any updates about them there under my riff raff tag my mahoroba tag. I will put these links in our links page on fuckyeahkannivalism, however. We will mention any big news like if they release a CD or anything of that sort, though.

Yua’s a sweetie from the brief conversation I had with him and whatnot. His twitter is here, you may have seen him and Ryo tweeting to each other every now and then. mun and LD/リーダー/Leader both have twitters as well. Please only follow if you like them I don’t want yua to get flooded with foreigners just because he is ryo’s brother (he commented to me when I told him that I translate Ryo that now he understands why foreigners are randomly following him)

edit: vesperbell just pointed out to me i should probably add in a link to their audioleaf. This also has a few samples of their songs. in vesperbell’s words audioleaf is like the Japanese version of myspace/purevolume.

edit [10/30]: riff raff has changed their name to mahoroba. I have fixed the links in this post. They haven’t posted a new link to their OHP, the riff raff one is down now, but I will update this post again as soon as it becomes available.


Asdfghjlk;;; *SPOILERS BELOW*

lol warning;; the following content is not recomended for non- gamers that never played the game to begin with and the people that are 12 years younger (unless your a gamer and read the manga)


okay so i just started playing CORPSE PARTY: 2U (yes not U2) and so far so CREEPY;; yes not GOOD.


i hope yuka dies in at least ONE of these games. Please just for me :::::——-::::: Q . Q

that moment when you play corpse party and the girl from “heavenly elementary school* wants the guy (i forgot his name) to play adult games for her birthday/part of birthday games

@Vgperson im going to spam your inboxxxx
@fummy you too

can everyone please look at rouis in the back i literally just sat and patted my screen for a minute or two omg he’s so adorable and short ahnd kgfj i think i’m gonna honestly cry look at his smile i want to kill myself why did he and hassun break up they were the perfect couple i guess they had their reasons UHM HEY ROUIS YOU’RE WONDERFUL WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS BECAUSE I LIKE PEOPLE WHO ARE HOT AND HAS NICE SMILES AND ARE SHORT AND CUTE AND SEXY XOXOX okay uhm bye i love you and oh nice hat yuua (I THINK THAT’S YOUR NAME HOMG I’M TERRIBLE)