jennydead asked:


do you consider yourself compassionate or harsh to others? why?

compassionate but also fucking brutal if you are a bad enough person. i just wrote a long thing explaining it but then i realized it made no sense so i deleted it but anyway basically, i try really to be compassionate it used to be like the #1 part of my identity but ive been drifting away from it and i need to get back on track tbh but yea i still overall consider myself compassionate to others


Cuando veo una cucaracha …. #yuruyuri2

Summer 2012 Picks :U

Linky to a chart I made using the Summer ‘12 chart by neregate:


Source Chart: http://static.neregate.com/2012/06/neregate.com-Summer-2012-Anime-v3.1.png

Main ones I’m really looking forward to are:

That’s…pretty much it :< but who knows some of the others I picked out may catch my interest quite a bit while watching them.