people I'm married to:
  • everybody on my to do list
  • ariana grande
  • vanessa hudgens
  • megan fox
  • chachi
  • collenna <3
  • josh c;
  • other sexy people I cant think of
I . . . I feel like I have to write a letter right now. I don't know what to say or who to thank or what to do. . .

Um, so since the last time I posted things have changed and…

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kpopduchess replied to your post:yong-goon replied to your photo:My phone sucks at…

Fuck…the fact that we both live in Michigan, I don’t even want to think about how our winter is going to be. Anything is possible with Michigan :P.

Right? We got snow up here on Halloween but it melted by like the afternoon. Then we get snow this morning and we’re supposed to get 10 inches by tomorrow, and lake effect on Wednesday. My teachers were even talking about the possibility of a snow day tomorrow and I’m just like HOW?!?! IT JUST STARTED!!