Wounds || Starter to aletterofmuses

“It hurts… It hurts like hell!” She murmured to herself, probably not as low as she wished to do. The wounds weren’t just “not healing”, but getting worse. Giada felt dizzy and pain all over her body, but her arm felt like was being smashed between two rocks in fire.

“These damn wounds… Haven’t you done damage enough?!” She thought to herself, struggling against the pain. No one ever told her that bad injures are a great invitation to terrible diseases. Well, now it’s too late.

The woman felt her vision blurring, her legs couldn’t stand her own weight, she found herself with the knees touching the floor. “IT HURTS! PLEASE, HELP!” Giada screamed in pain. There’s some liquid in the hand pressing the bandages, warm and viscous. “What? Blood?! W-Why?!” her wounds were now open again, the pain became much worse.


For the people saying Darren Wilson is lying about how his gun malfunctioned.


Me and Dani’s song from a chatroom~

I need you

***Just wanted to get angry drunk 
and have sex with a random stranger
preferably someone larger with a 
criminal record and now I have to
deal with all my kids shit. And their
little friends.***


"Fuck me"