Dan Howell 60 years later.

What if when Dan’s really old and Phil has already passed away suddenly, he was surprised to know his best friend has died after years of not seeing each other. They have moved on with their lives and have their own families to take care of.

Dan just looks at Phil’s old stuff. The Lion, their old camera, their photos together, every physical version of their memories were found in his attic. Dan smiles. The nostalgia he experienced by looking at all they had as best friends, but Dan frowns and sheds a tear because he regretted not telling his feelings for Phil when they were younger, before they even married their wives. They have said their vows to different people, he knew eversince Phil said ‘I do’ to another woman, it was too late. He was only the best man in his best friend’s wedding.

Dan remembers everything, but he sees a box that looks quite unfamiliar, it was a pretty small box. He opens it to see a ring, but it was no ordinary ring, it was an engagement ring with his name written on it. Phil hesitated to give it to Dan in Japan and kept it for none to see ever… except for today…

so i have a friend who had a buzzcut 

that i recently saw since last year 

and his hair grew out into a little mohawk

he saw me, said hi, and asked where i was going to college 

and for some reason all i could say back to him was “HAIR”

i-aint-quittin-you asked:

I mentioned it to Fuzzy but I was curious about your thoughts on it. A Lord of the Flies Pacific AU? Where they are all a bunch of dirty and lost boys washed up on an island fighting to live? I thought it worked well ;o;

Oh my GOD lemme just tell you how I dig LOTF. Like holy shit. This would work so well.

But instead of fighting and plummeting into savagery, they all slowly realize they’re gay for each other lol

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Hi! :3 I'm an aspiring astrology blog~! I hope you don't mind me sending this but if anyone wants to follow/if you have any advice for me! :3 thank you! You're a huge reason I wanted to make one!

theres a section on that in my faq i guess i’ll just copy and paste it since no one reads it:

“my tips are just basically stuff that i did when i started my blog and found to be extremely effective.
a. tag ALL of your posts with every sign! (this gets you a lot of activity, because anyone who looks up their sign will see your post and like, follow, or reblog!
b. don’t exclude or hate on any sign! this will lose you followers, and you may get some very upset anons while you’re at it.
c. have basic knowledge on astrology, do your research about every sign! you don’t want to look stupid or anything.
d. keep your posts clean and professional looking. try to explain your points, and make your content easily understandable. have a nice blog theme, keep it interesting.
e. have a great personality or sense of humor! it sets you apart from other astrology blogs, and makes your followers want to interact with you!
These are my basic tips for running an astrology blog.”


(Took a little while for this to get written out, but itโ€™s finally here! Do you guys want more of this universe?)

Part 2

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย An hour had passed since Jemma had locked herself in her room. Sheโ€™d gone through a series of emotions and reactions during that time. First, there was the crying over the entire revelation. This was followed by the catatonic silence as she processed that her biological parents were Bobbi and Hunter. After that had come anger. Sheโ€™d thrown her belongings at the walls or thrown a pillow at them. Now Jemma sat at the foot of her bed, sniffling as she clutched the pillow close to her chest. At her feet was a picture frame with a long crack running through the center. It separated her from Bobbi in the photo, which had been taken shortly after theyโ€™d escaped Hydra together. Back when things had been normal and happy and innocent.

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย Reaching down beside her, Jemma picked up a photo album, her photo album. Flipping to the first page, she studied a picture of herself as a baby. She was wrapped in a soft pink baby blanket with her name embroidered on the side. The people who became her adoptive parents found her wrapped in that blanket, all alone in a field. Even though she was a grown woman, she still had that blanket with her, tucked away in her dresser. She held onto it to remind herself that her biological parents were out there somewhere, and that she would find them.

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย Standing up, Jemma walked over to her dresser and took the blanket. It was a patchwork of squares of pink that varied in shade, with the only variation being the red letters that spelled out her name one the side. As she sat down, Jemma studied the blanket, wondering how old it was really supposed to be. It might have been twenty eight for her, but maybe it should have only been four or five instead. How old was she even supposed to be?

Someone knocked on her door, and Jemma dropped the blanket, startled slightly.

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{a little psa from the mun}

{I’m going to say something because I’ve got some messages on this blog and I didn’t like what a couple of them said. 

First off roleplaying is supposed to be fun, and it doesn’t really HELP someone calm down when you send anonymous hate or tear down other role play blogs. My rule of thumb is respect one another, and remember THERE IS A PERSON BEHIND THAT COMPUTER, and probably someone who loves their particular muse a whole lot. Sure, some of us joke around, and sometimes do VERY serious threads but I think it’s important to respect the mun, and the muse. Secondly hate is a waste of time if you’re uncomfortable with a particular blog guess what? You don’t have to follow, and hence POOF they are gone from your dash. I suggest doing that instead of spreading hate, and making people feel like they aren’t safe on here.

 And lastly? Support and love one another above all else. Also keep in mind? People do love their muses and they all mean something really special to us}

did i honestly just get some petty anon hate about reblogging ba billy….?

lmao @ you little shits. how many times do i have to explain that i dont give a fuck what anybody thinks of me. i do things for ME, not for you. if i want to reblog a hot old fuck i will. you dont see me complaining when horny little girls fangirl over ambrose, who’s not even good looking tbh.

so lol go pick on other people lmao. because your petty hate is going to be ignored.

snords (snake words) for each sign
  • aries:snathematics (snake mathematics)
  • taurus:snamera (snake camera)
  • gemini:snonut (snake donut)
  • cancer:snooty (snake booty)
  • leo:snoffee (snake coffee)
  • virgo:snake (snake cake)
  • libra:snudes (snake nudes)
  • scorpio:sniraffe (snake giraffe)
  • sagittarius:snoe (snake shoe)
  • capricorn:snungle (snake jungle)
  • aquarius:snausage (snake sausage)
  • pisces:snilkshake (snake milkshake)