5/ emoshinki (yet beautiful) moments

"Everybody… How do I say this…
his really is a very meaningful stage.
Everyone, I am so happy right now.
Being here with all of you with this wholehearted mood makes me really happy and really thankful to everyone here today.”

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ǁ Tohoshinki - Keep Your Head Down - TONE Tour ǁ

This performance. is a total. Yungasm.

My ovaries care no more

littleleafboos said:

*changmin voice* tee bee eks queue

damn that took me a a couple minutes to read (TVXQ -_-)

my bias order: (assuming u mean the five of them?) Changmin, Junsu, Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun
my current favourite song by them: Love Again
member I want to be best friends with: Changmin
member I’d want as my sibling: YUNHOOOO
who I like to pair any other the members with (romantically or otherwise): uuuhhh…changmin and yunho are just entertaining to watch…sometimes they’re just awk
if I own any albums of theirs (if so, pictures): Just TENSE
if I have any posters of them (if so, pictures): the poster for TENSE