Dream Vs. Dream OST!

Theoretically a mood piece for Smile’s big entrances. It seems to be a combination of Smile’s insidious antagonism and the way Sister exalts him. I mean that’s just my head-canon but yes okay. If you squint and turn your head a little you can vaguely hear my similarly eschewed remembering of Smile’s original themes.

The picture is one of Kippersnack’s portraits for Dream Vs. Dream.

You can keep up with the Kardashians, or at least their potassium-fortified distant kin* here:



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Hope u enjoy! Mostly because I have been working on this release in some form for about 12 hours straight now. Also my computer’s CPU fan seems to be having a race with itself and I’m losing

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For the time being if you also have requests for some form of synth/musical sound effects such as those included here, inbox me and I’ll see what I can do since I kinda need to buff out my Freesound account.

Hey, tumblr! It's time for a poll!

This summer I released Yume Freebie, a collection of disinherited loops and sounds which are royalty and credit-free for you to use in your games.

It’s time to get ready for the holidays! What kind of free pack would you guys like to see next to celebrate [HOLIDAY DATA EXPUNGED]?

  • Dangan Ronpa style loops for your crazy roleplay, horror game, or as multimedia for your fan AU story! Also if you’re writing a Dangan Ronpa AU story send it to me because I like those ;0
  • Animal Crossing style loops for your very adorable Yume Nikki fangame, to play on your Tumblr, or for cute flash games you make while learning code with like three graphics of a cat in them.
  • General RPG soundtrack for your next big thing that you’re making in RPG Maker right now, sweet Livejournal adventure roleplay or god forbid your DnD campaign.

You can only choo8se one, so answer now while operators are still standing by! I can also make a tutorial blog post with the collection so you, yes you, can make your own at home using just a shovel and some cooking oil.

Also, find the 8 in this post and then send it on to 326 of your followers and your crush will kiss you this Friday! If you don’t, then I will come to your room tonight while you are asleep in a ghost sheet and make spooky faces at you

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