.:Quick #YummyEats Series: "Beyond a head of lettuce" grilled chicken salad.

Hello Lovelies, 

So, I’m up very early this Tuesday morning and I decided to post the first meal of my “Quick #YummyEats” Series. Most people coin salad dishes as an appetizer before their main entree. However, I have decided to begin the upcoming new month with a set of quick, yummy (lunch) ideas that require little time to prepare, so that you can indulge in your big bowl/plate of delicious, healthy goodness without the stress of long hours in the kitchen.


Above is the Mise En Place" of the grilled chicken salad I prepared.

Ingredients: - One head of lettuce
                   - Grilled chicken (the one pictured above is homemade, but the ‘store bought’ kind will do just fine as well—just ensure it is grilled, NOT breaded or fried)
                   - Avocados, Carrots, 2 hard boiled eggs, and a side of your favorite dressing (Tip: oil based dressings are healthier options, rather than the creamy ones (i.e. Blue Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, etc…)) because they not only absorb into the salad quicker- for a more flavorful meal, but they also have a low calorie and trans fat contents.

Prep Time = approx. 10 minutes.


- Add all the ingredients in any order you desire and sprinkle a few pinches of low sodium, low fat cheese on top (optional).

- Grab your tongs and serve yourself a huge plate of guilt free salad. Drizzle a Tsp (or two) of your favorite low fat vinaigrette dressing, and enjoy!

Tip: Add a small handful of sliced, toasted almonds for crunchiness, proteins (as well as healthy fatty oils), and of course to feel even fuller, longer :)

PLUS, I love to enjoy my salad on a cold plate; which (to me) helps it taste fresher with a crunchier bite to it.


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