ps- all these recipes are gluten free too!

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I firmly believe chickpeas are a magical food. No matter what I do with them- soup, salad, baked, stir fried, put in cookies- they just make everything better. Here the combo of creaminess and mildness makes them the perfect base. These cookies are chewy chewy peanut butter bliss and (like most drop cookies) perfect ways for people with absolutely no time *cough I’m blogging instead of writing my term paper cough* to get their fresh cookie fix.

Bonus:126 calories and 4g protein a piece, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free- basically everything except nut free haha.

Get the recipe and customization ideas here!

You’ve heard the news.

But what does this mean for your privacy?

In a recent report card from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), comparing which tech companies protect user’s data from government snooping, Yahoo received one of the lowest scores with only one out of five stars. Tumblr performed significantly better, receiving three stars for requiring a warrant for content, fighting for users’ privacy rights in Congress, and publishing law enforcement guidelines.

due to the recent articles written about the yumblr project last year, i decided to redo my yumblr self! i’m now the parfait prince, whos a bit of a creampuff when it comes to their princely duties. princess PB ends up doing most of them anyway. 8-)

“The idea was to indulge your inner foodie by creating fantasy Candyland-esque characters…Each character served as the avatar for a different Tumblr user, and soon other Tumblr denizens stepped forward to claim their own.” (Daily Dot)

its fun to see how much i’ve grown since the project originated last year. both in my art and myself. there are sure to be more yumblr adventures from myself and princess PB, but lets see what kinds of stories you create for yourself, yeah? :-0 lets take back the yumblr tag!

high res!


Okay, this has a long name but there’s a lot of delicious going on in this recipe! It’s Greek Yogurt Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Banana Bread, it’s gluten free, it’s made in just one dish and one pan, and it’s as delicious as it is beautiful!

»»Get the recipe here!««

Been hankering for a healthier way to enjoy your favorite creamy oh so cheesy Mac and Cheese? I’ve got you covered with this simple, delicious, satisfying, squashy alternative for just 242 calories! Best of all you can roast the squash ahead of time then just heat, toss with cheesy goodness and enjoy in a fraction of the time!

Get the recipe here!