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It couldn't have been better : Yumblr!

I want to make 4 points on this Tumblr. Yahoo! Shipping situation …

1. It becomes canon today : for real 0.o
2. Poor Tumblr needed money , and living in middle-age, he has to marry to have some. 
3. Who could have been worst : Google and his Mega-Empire who knows it all about you ? Facebook and his kingdom who can’t process without sharing all your secrets ? Or twitter who , well , who haven’t enough money to sustain our beloved Tumblr…
4. And there’s yahoo : not an empire , but enough moyen , oh he has made some mistakes , but he doesn’t know the people who lives in this shore , he hasn’t share their secrets , he hasn’t done anything yet : so give him a chance : and celebrate this wedding! 

So from now on I ship Yumblr!


The Yahoo! - Tumblr deal has been approved. I think this is a great deal for both companies.

Yahoo may be “old”, but it does have staying power. With Marissa Mayer in charge they’re really turning things around.

How do you think Facebook feels about the acquisition? This is an opportunity for Yahoo to put itself back in the game with Facebook and Google. It all comes down to how well they handle the integration.

I can see some instant technology exchanges. Embedding Flickr into Tumblr weblogs would be a natural thing to do. This could also be an opportunity for Tumblr to make some money from advertising using Yahoo’s years of experience.

Let’s hope the transition is smooth.

Congratulations to all!

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