Model - CeCe Yost @ Wilhelmina Models Wardrobe - Alex London Fashion House Photography - Kinya Ota Styling - Lisa Jarvis Make up - Yuko Takahashi Hair - Mako Iijima Nails - Eri Narita

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photographer Michael Creagh  

fashion stylist Lisa Jarvis

featuring wardrobe by Alex London Fashion House

hair Dennis Fei at Kate Ryan INC

makeup Yuko Takahashi for MAC Cosmetics & Swarovski

makeup assistant Megumi Kashimura

nails Eri Narita at Kanako Salon NYC

model Karolina Babczynska at IMG


Because to me, Majisuka Gakuen 1 & 2 is the best thing that could happen for Drama!AKB48. 

The Atsuko who taught the importance of accepting people into her life and forging friendship, the Yuko who showed us the need to know our priorities in life and to face each day with a smile no matter how crappy it would be, the Sado who let us understand that beneath every strong front lies a person who isn’t half as strong when faced with their fears, the Torigoya who highlighted that likewise, beneath every weak character lies their strength waiting to be awakened, the Shibuya who let us realise that a reluctance to accept failure would eventually lead to a greater fall, the Black who showed us how silence could actually be deadly, the Gekikara who displayed how the person you fear might just be someone who will be a friend if you show them your true heart, the Chokuko who tells us that one must always live righteously, the Gakuran who proved how loyalty withstand any other form of temptations, the Center who made us realised that no matter how far-fetch a dream is, it can be fulfilled if we tried our best, the Nezumi who made us realise that a clever mind needs to be used in a beneficial manner, the Dance who demonstrated how selfless a friend could be, the Shaku who showed how a laughter can lighten even the most stressful atmosphere, the Kabuki Sisters who highlighted the friendship bond, the Team Hormon that proved that numbers can indeed be strength, and finally the Minami who proved that the dead would never be forgotten but always served as the best push for one to go forward without fear.

Model - Karolina Kabczynska @ IMG
photographer michael creagh
Stylist - Lisa Jarvis
Hair - Dennis Fei at Kate Ryan inc
Makeup - Yuko Takahashi
Nails - Eri Narita

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